Sunday, February 21, 2010


I stole that title from my blog friend, Marie-Etta. I give her all the credit for such a catchy phrase!

The truth is, this post certainly is a catch. up. Things I've left out and simply haven't had time to post. Until now.

First of all, here is our snow video from our Snow Day last week. Enjoy. It's not too long.

And speaking of snow, C was nice enough to send me a "bigger" version of the pic I posted last week of M & M. Now you can REALLY see that those pants are missing! Ha!

Here is a pic of Alise's dance recital costume. Not my favorite one of the bunch. Looks a little cheap to me. Maybe not quite worth the $65, but it is purple. You would think I would be happy. And I am. A little. I wasn't wild about the high waist until her teacher told us that her dance number is to "Baby Take A Bow." I had to google it. And when I found out Shirley Temple was involved, I had to watch the 1934 performance on You Tube. Hmmm. Maybe they can pull it off. The ballet performance is to a Barbie song. Don't ask. Recital is Saturday, May 22nd. Remember last year's fiasco? When we thought we were going to miss the recital because of our Disney trip?

So last Tuesday morning Alise woke up telling me that she didn't feel good and I could tell that she didn't look that well. I gave her some Tylenol hoping that it would work it's magic and she would be back to herself, but that didn't happen. She ended up throwing up. Alot. So she stayed with mom for the day and ended up running fever around 5 o'clock. By 7 o'clock, it was up to 101.4, so off to After Hours we went. No mono, no flu, and no strep. Just LOTS of drama about the finger stick and she was real quick to let the nurse know that "my momma said that I don't have to do the blood pressure thing." She. wigs. out. over having her blood pressure taken. So we went home with a script for phenegran that I have to trapse all over town to get filled because, after all, you never know when you might need some.

OH! And I nearly forgot the best news of all! I tweeted and posted about THE Target dress? Well, one of my favorite blog friends was able to find it in San Antonio! You rock, Janna! Love you girl! Alise's school will be having their annual fund raising auction next month and the committee decided to do something different this year by requesting that each class come up with a "project" for the auction. Whell. A mysterious couple donated a wooden table and chair set and the class has been working really hard to get it ready for the auction. Ms. L came up with the great idea of painting it in a flower and catapillar theme by using the students' hands and fingers. I asked her to send me updates on the project so I could post them here to show you! I can't wait to have our project "auctioned" and to find out how much money it brings our school. I'll keep you posted. And by the way, Alise told me that the pink hand was hers. Imagine that!
And last but not least, thank you to all my fans for your purchases from last Saturday's Show and Sell. I'm off this afternoon to take the rest of the clothes to Munchkin Market for next weekend's consignment sale. If you live here locally, the sale will be in the old Jungle Gym down from Hobby Lobby on Blanchard Street. I could make over $400 if the rest of my items sell. Cha-ching!!



  1. I loved the video! Now I wish I'd videoed some.

    $65 for the costumes! Ours is like $100 something. And Baby Girl hasn't been to dance in a month!!!

    I keep a supply of phenegran in my frig.

    How much are YOU going pay for that table.

  2. Our dance costume was $99. Mary-Kate is going to be a cowgirl. I can't wait to see the recital. At our place, the parents can't stay. Many reasons why. So it will be a big surprise to see what she can do. I love the dress your friend found for you. I love the colors in it. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  3. These dance costuming prices are making me think my baby girl will be playing soccer! $400 not bad, I haven;t had much luck at our consignment store so will be sending positive thoughts your way.

  4. Those class projects ALWAYS get the most money! Parents camp out for those...

  5. Love Shirley Temple!!!
    So glad that you found that dress...I could tell you meant business about it :)

  6. Oh the Target dress is adorable, I am so glad someone found one for you.

  7. That's a lot cuter than this strange clown dress my friend's girl had to wear! Though, I agree maybe $65 is a bit much for something that wouldn't take very long to make.