Sunday, February 28, 2010

Friends, Tables, Chairs & Dresses! Oh My!

Guess what??

I met my first blog friend Friday night!! And I don't even have a picture to prove it!! Can you believe it??

Alise and I were on our way to get a coke and a cookie while we waited for Wayne to get his hair cut. All of a sudden someone came up to me and asked if I was Laura. When Crayon Princess told me her name, it took a few seconds, but I recognized it because I had just mailed one of my Saturday Show and Sell dresses to her! I gave her a hug and told her that it was so nice to meet her! Princess said she recognized Alise first and then she saw me. We didn't get to chat long because they were headed home after a birthday party and had a long way to go. I actually had my camera with me but I was so excited that I didn't even think about getting a picture! I'm sure we'll be meeting up again real soon!

Speaking of pictures and meeting people Friday night, we were in the bathroom (of all places) of the restaurant when in walked a cheerleader from the cheer camp that Alise attends every summer. Oh. my. goodness. You would have thought that Alise and her Big Sis were long lost sisters! They just hugged and loved on each other right there in the bathroom. We snapped a picture before she left the restaurant.

On Saturday afternoon, Alise had a classmate over to play. I never knew two little girls could get so muddy! I hope A's parents aren't mad at us! The girls had a great time playing together!Yes, Alise has her nightgown on. She got up that morning telling me that W - her boyfriend - was coming over. I said, "Uh! I don't think so! You're not old enough to date!" Too funny!

I wanted to show you how the table and chair project turned out for the school auction! Ms. L and the class did a FAB job! I see how much it goes for!

Lurve the students' names on the flowers!

On another note, I am feeling MUCH better. It felt so good to wake up Saturday morning and be headache free! I definitely had my mojo back because I was in my baking mood! I ended up baking a chocolate cake -bundt style - and added a few chocolate chips to the batter. I used the left over cream cheese icing from the King Cake and drizzled it on top. Yum! It was perfect! Then for lunch today I made a homemade pizza. For supper, I made The Pioneer Woman's Comfort Meatballs and Aunt Donna's green beans. Soooo yummy!

Last week, Kelly's Korner posted about this site. I am LOVIN' this dress and I'm seriously considering making it my Easter dress this year. Do you know how long it's been since I've had a new Easter dress? I know black doesn't normally do it for Easter, but I could SO dress it up with huge pearl choker and a cute pair of sling backs! Of course, I'd have to invest in a TON of this in order to pull the look off! Ha! But I love Shabby Apple and the '40's look they have going on with alot of their dresses.

I got this el cheapo dress for Alise off Ebay last week.

It is a Kelly Kids sundress and absolutely perfect for our family beach picture this summer. We are headed back to the beach with our cousins from Alabama in July and we are SO excited because we will be celebrating both Katie's and Wayne's birthday while we are there! Can you say cake AND swimsuit??

Today I went and picked up my earnings and the left overs of my things that didn't sell at Munchkin Market this weekend. I only had about 5 things that didn't sell and I made $331!!! Can you say, "Cha-Ching??!!" I plan on selling the rest of the things on Ebay.

And last but not least, this Spring, we will have a little t-baller on our hands! I'm SO excited about cheering my sweet Baby Girl on!! Here she is holding up her registration.

This has been a FABULOUS weekend for the Horton's! How about yours?


  1. I am so glad you are feeling better. About that camera thing, I would have politely declined:0) It had been a LONG rainy day at school, so I was looking rough! I almost didn't introduce myself, because of my hair and weary look I had going on. I am grateful that you were so excited to meet that you forgot--have a great week.

  2. Ok--I am really thinking about it. First, could it be a candy theme, instead of lollipop? I have seen the cutest personalized gumball machines lately. I was also at Target Friday night and saw Jelly Belly bubbles (scented) with the Easter stuff. OOOH girl, add you some cellophane and that all just screams candy party time!

  3. We sign up tomorrow! And I love that dress! It would look fabulous on you! The tables are precious.

  4. I am glad you are feeling better! I know all about those headaches. I think the dress you mentioned would be great for Easter. It sounds like you made out great at the big market sale. How cool to meet a fellow blogger!

  5. Your first blog friend...ok so what am I chopped liver? LOL....kidding! I am going to have to look up her blog if she is local! We just signed AJ up for T-ball. Andy is coaching and I am the "team mom". We are so excited!

  6. ah, I loved playing T-ball when I was little!!
    the only bummer was that my dad was the coach she he always made me play outfield..aka I'd just sit out there and pick at the grass haha!

    glad ya had a good weekend, mine was pretty low-key! (:

  7. Okay, check this out and see what you think. I am sure I could find more.

  8. You should get yourself that Easter dress there were so many I loved! I think you could wear this one alot. Plus you just made all that money!!! I love the clean, simple lines of the one for Alise.

  9. I remember playing t-ball one year. I was so scared to run after the ball. I've only met one other blogger in real life. She just happens to be a friend who also blogs :P

  10. Anonymous4:45 PM

    That dress is such a perfect beach dress!! Think of all the darling pictures!!

  11. Tball--how fun! Pinkie is going to do soccer this spring and Miss Priss will play softball. And I love the beach pic dress!