Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fat Tuesday

A picture of the King Cake I made for my employees. Go here for the recipe.
It’s Fat Tuesday!

So why do I feel so fat?

I’m the Gras in Mardi.

I successfully made it through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays sticking to my diet and only cheating a little. However, it’s the post holiday season that has killed me. I blame it on the fact that the place where I normally walk to exercise has been closed more times than it’s actually been open. It was closed a month for Christmas. Then it was closed a long weekend for the MLK holiday. Then again in January for “cold weather” (Yes, only in Louisiana). And now, it is closed yet again for the Mardi Gras holiday. I can’t seem to get my mojo back for exercise; too much stopping and starting. I simply haven’t been consistent.

January was also filled with lots of birthday cakes – mine and employees. Remember how many I had? And these weren’t just out-of-the-box cakes, either!

Then there was my sudden kick for Sonic’s sweet tea. Sometime around my birthday, I got tired of Diet Coke and wanted something different. Knowing how many calories a grape slush had, I don’t know why I thought sweet tea could be any better. But it was. For a while. I’ve never been a water drinker but somehow I see a huge well in my very near future.

It also doesn’t help that to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my hubby, I had bar-b-que chips for supper and we shared a pint of Blue Bell chocolate and vanilla ice cream for dessert. That’s after the big steak, baked potato, and salad I had the night before.

Needless to say, my diet has hit the skids. And I’ve packed on three pounds of the twenty I lost last summer. Not good.

And then Doug and Mirya call this weekend and want to know if we’re still on go for a trip to the beach this summer. Not good at all.

It all boils down to choices and self control. I’ve been making wrong food choices and telling myself, “Oh, I’ll walk it off once the gym is open again.” But the gym hasn’t been open on a consistent basis for the last month and a half, so I haven’t been able to exercise like I normally do.

So to try and get my diet mojo back, I’ve decided that today is the day for change. February 16th is the day I’m going to get serious about loosing those three pounds and getting back into a “maintaining mode.” And the only way I know how to do it is with Fit Day. It’s an online food journal that saved my life last year. It was my accountability partner. It was my trainer and coach. And it helped me loose 20 pounds. You probably wouldn’t think that recording every morsel of food you put in your mouth would help with weight loss, but those licks, tastes, and “just a spoonfuls” add up! And what I found was that I didn’t want to record all those things in my journal, so I simply didn’t partake. Easy enough. And it worked, too.

I’ve also gotta get me another goal. See, last year’s was to be able to march into my OB/GYN’s office in December and be down 20 pounds. Goal completed. I haven’t had another goal to spur me on. And that’s where July’s beach trip comes in. Wouldn’t it be great to be down 20 pounds from our last beach trip (2008)? I might actually wear a bathing suit this time!

So this is my life for the next two months. I figure if it took me a month and a half to put three pounds on then it should only take two months to take it back off.



  1. Go Laura! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  2. Carrie2:22 PM

    Girl, I know what you mean! It is so hard to get the weight off! It is so stinking cold here and I could get on my tread mill, but I have hurt my back and am restricted for the next 3 weeks (atleast!) I can't wait to get back to walking! I know you can do it! You look great and you have always been so good at dieting! Break out your weight watchers recipes - that's what I'm going to start with. You'll do it!

  3. Well, I popped over from Soutern Mama's and find you are singing my song. Today has been a very bad day for my diet...that extra large banana nut muffin didn't quite start the day off on a roll! I have also cut back on my water drinking and increased my diet coke and I think that isn't helping a bit. Oh my...we. must. get. back. on. track.

  4. Wow. Too bad I'm not one of your employees. That cake looks like the BOMB!

    Good luck w/ the exercising. Maybe you should go to 24/7 or something? I don't think they ever close! Did you get my email about Alise's clothes?

  5. You can do it! I know you have it in you!!

  6. Hi Laura! You won my etsy giveaway. Please get back to me when you can :)

  7. I know you can do it. It is just hard getting started. I love food. It is so hard to lose weight in the winter. I am not dieting right now, but I am trying to maintain a healthy weight. I gained well over 50 pounds with Mary-Kate. I have only gained 16 so far with this baby. Hopefully I can hang on and not gain too much more. I am determined not to put on the same amount I did with MK. I keep a food journal and turn it in everyday to my friend who is a dietitian. It really helped me.

  8. I want to lose 20 pounds... Maybe I can give up 20 pounds for Lent!!!

  9. Oh Wow! Do I know your pain. Jim and I lost 20 pounds in 2008 and kept it off for a year. Last summer, I lost my mind and gained ten back. The problem is that post menopausal women gain in different ways. Honestly, the entire ten pounds is right around my middle. It is pathetic.

    I'm with you. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and we are seriously starting back on our healthy eating plan.

    Here in the desert, we walk every day. Also, there is a new fitness center near our rented condo. They have great programs. Gretch and I are going to start going to Zumba next week.

    I am determined to have that ten pounds gone by the time we go home in April. Wish me luck. Same to you.

    ~hippo hugs~

  10. P.S. If you were here you could go to Zumba with us. You and Gretch would get along famously.


  11. Just thinking about swimsuit shopping is enough to make any women run screaming for the gym and a padlock for the fridge. Good luck with your goals, you can do it! I'll be right there with you, hoping to shed the last remaining bit of my baby weight...ugh!

  12. I switched meds & gained like 10 lbs in a month! Don't like I didn't switch back TODAY!