Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You Asked I Answered - Part 2

In celebration of my birthday...and for your reading pleasure, here is Part 2.....

Tell us again how you met Wayne and became an Alabama fan while living in Louisiana.
I addressed the whole how-we (the Horton family)-got-to-Louisiana-from-Alabama story last Fall, but I couldn't find that post, so I'll just give a very brief summary now. Wayne's mom and dad moved from Alabama to Louisiana in the '60's. Although Wayne is 4 years older than me, we actually grew up about 65 miles away from one another. And what I find so neat about "our story" is that my parents were born and raised in this same small town. So whenever I visited my grandparents, I was actually in the same town as my future-husband!

In January 1993, I began seeing an old high school boyfriend who happened to have a new roomie. That roomie busted up our "date" one night by showing up with a Taco Bell bag and proceeding to talk the entire time boyfriend and I were trying to watch a movie. Spring semester started and roomie ended up in an economics class with me. Boyfriend started slipping away and roomie began bugging the SNOT out of me!! He called me all the time and begged to cheat off me and copy my homework. Can you say P-E-S-T? But what I am about to say next could only be explained by the grace of God: my heart began to change and before I knew it, I was falling for roomie.

Wayne and I began dating in the summer of 1993 and I was living some of the best days of my life. In April 1994, he proposed in a TCBY (I called my mom from a payphone outside the store to tell her the news!) and we were married on April 22, 1995. It was the happiest day of my life even if the thunderstorm of the century took place during the ceremony! You can check out our wedding photo here.

How'd you pick Alise for your daugther's name- any special reason behind her name?
Wayne and I didn't want children when we got married. We were two very selfish people nearly 15 years ago, but I think alot of it was the fact that we both lived at home until we got married (Wayne got an apartment about nine months before we got married) and we really just wanted to relish our independence. We traveled, I worked on my CPA designation and a career that I thought I wanted, we coped with the death of Wayne's dad, and just enjoyed married life.

After ten years, things began to change and we realized that we had "done it all" and there was really nothing left to do but have a baby. We always knew that if we had a son, he would be "the third" and we would call him Trey. After Wayne's dad died, name became very important to my husband. However, we could NOT decide on a girls name. Every name I offered up, he shot down. Until...I mentioned going to school with a girl named Elise and how smart and beautiful she was...just like I had hoped our soon-to-be-born daughter would be. Bingo! He liked it but we couldn't agree on the spelling. He didn't like the E for the first letter and I did. Wayne finally convinced me that since my maiden name started with the letter A that we should spell Alise's name with an A also. I was sold. And that's how we decided on Baby Girl's name.

What is your favorite activity to do as a family? (When you are in the off season for College Football, of course)
We love to eat out, go to the movies, the park and zoo. Just the typical normal family stuff. We try to take a family vacation every year. Alise is beginning to enjoy time with her Daddy at our camp and of course, she always likes to shop with me....especially when it involves Chic-fil-a and the carousel at the mall! But family time is very important to me and we love to huddle together and do our "family hug."

So you work full time??? Tell us how you do it all! ;)
Because of Wayne's job, I am the primary caregiver. I am responsible for getting Alise to school, picking her up and getting her to extra activities (although my mom does help with gymnastics), doctor's appointments and things like that. Having said that, I do get weary and tired of all the "running" - especially with a full time job - but I wouldn't take anything for it. Wayne helps when he can and I am very grateful when he does. I guess it's that scenario that you want better for your child than the way you had it growing up? Of course, I had a younger brother, but my family didn't "go" a whole lot and my mom worked so she wasn't able to attend parties at school and I didn't get to do all the things that Alise does now. I also stay up late and I try to get alot done after Alise goes to bed.

And last but certainly not least.....

Are you planning on having more children?
You don't know what timing this question was! I visited my OB/GYN before Christmas and actually spoke to her about this very subject. Are you surprised??!! Doc gave me until 2012 to pretty much guarantee a normal and safe delivery. Because of my age, the chances of having a child with down's syndrome increases more each year. Of course - as she explained - she has had patients that have delivered perfect babies at age 45!

At this time, we do not plan on having any more children. Of course, we do not know what God has planned for us. But at this point, it would take a "divine intervention" for another little Horton to show up.

There are times when I do think about having another baby. When I miss how little Alise use to be, and how there use to be a time when she never talked back to me. Ha! I think about my mom caring for my grandmother before she died and I worry about Alise having sole responsibility for caring for me and her Daddy one day. Alise asks about a brother or sister; she wants to know when she'll have one. We just tell her to pray about it and nothing would please me more than for God to answer my Baby Girl's prayers. However, I think a new brother or sister would totally rock her world!! What am I sayin? It would rock ALL our worlds!! But for right now, I am enjoying my contentment, counting my blessings, and thanking God daily for the joys in my life.


  1. I just love all of your answers to your questions! Love learning more about you :)

    Have a blessed day!

  2. Great answers. I am really enjoying this "look" into your life. We do have alot in common...:0)

    And I hope that God answers your beautiful daughter's prayers. Santa Claus listened to Ky's wish 11 months before Bry was born...

  3. Love reading all about you! What a great birthday gift you gave all of us!

  4. Love your answers! It is great to read about your life.

  5. It's been great learning more about you. Happy Birthday (or belated if I missed it)! Thanks for sharing more about your life!

  6. Great post! Think I might have to get around to a Q&A sometime...

  7. How fun to learn more about you!

  8. Whew! I was way behind on what's been going on with you. So, Happy Birthday, sorry I missed it, I've been stressed. Can that be my excuse??

    I cannot believe how far Easy Bake Ovens have come since I was a little girl. Mine cooked with a light bulb and my mom hated me for me to get that thing out. I don't remember the results being any better than Alise's though. I just wonder how that ice works. I must do some reading. HMMM!

    And where in Jackson to you plan to shop. And I did not know there was a PF Chang's in Jackson. I probably don't know that b/c my husband wouldn't eat it if it was the last thing on earth to eat. But I do love it. And personally, I think the Belk's in Flowood is the best Belk's in the south. But that may just be me. In fact, I hope my Mom gets here from AL in time for me us to make a little trip by there. I still love to shop with my mommy, too! Alise will never outgrow that.

    Bailey will most likely be an only child unless God decides differently. I, too, worry about the deal with her being the only one to take care of two old parents.

    I saw in one of your answers that you are a CPA? My dad, brother, brother in law, ex husband, etc. are all CPA's. My dad is senior partner in a CPA firm in Alabama. What kind of CPA work do you do? They do mostly nursing home type stuff. Way over my head! I tried, I just couldn't do it.

    When do you plan to come into Jackson. Email me if you want to. Don't tell your husband, maybe he'll let you email someone who's a War Eagle fan! haha!

  9. That is so neat that you and Wayne would be in the same small town on the Holidays growing up. Josh used to be friends with some kids I went to elementary school with and it is just so weird thinking that at times we could have been so close to meeting as kids.

    Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your life!

  10. It really surprises me that you and Wayne didn't ever want children. For some reason that didn't cross my mind as being the reason you waited so long to have Alise.

    How often do people say Alise's name wrong?

  11. Great post! Think I might have to get around to a Q&A sometime...

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