Thursday, January 07, 2010

We Interrupt This Post.....

...For the BCS Championship Game!!

I promise not to go into all the hoopla, but just in case you don't know, our beloved Crimson Tide will be taking on Texas tonight in Pasadena for like the World Series of College Football (check your local listings for times and channel). So needless to say, I won't be posting tonight (at least not anything "serious"). My butt will be sprawled on the couch and my eyes will be glued to the TV. I'll probably be doing alot of hoopin' and hollerin' too. I'll have to be careful though....don't wanna spill my Taco Soup that we'll be feasting on.

Roll Tide!!

(You can follow me on Twitter for a play-by-play and other funny jargon!)


  1. You know we'll be pulling for Ala-damn-bama! In the words of my good friend, Roll Tide.

  2. Send me the recipe! I can't open the link!

  3. I will be doing the SAME thing. ROLL TIDE!

  4. I will be cheering for Alabama for you! Josh will be at work tonight and has been drilling it in Carter's head that he needs to watch the game tonight for him.

  5. I'm a hog fan, but I will always support the SEC team. ROLL TIDE tonight!

  6. Carrie7:36 PM

    I canNOT STAND Alabama! Their coach is a traitor! I try not to name call, but I can't help it in this case! I do LOVE Texas - so, Go Longhorns! (Sorry!) I don't see how you can live in La. and be a Bama fan! It's got to be a sin...seriously!

  7. Gotta love when the SEC kicks a little tail!

    Thanks for your sweet comments! Love ya!

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