Monday, January 11, 2010

The Sheer Joy of Baking

I have discovered a new hobby.

I love to bake.

Who knew?

And I’m not just talking cakes and pies, either. I’m referring to cookies in the form of actual cutouts with cookie cutters and decorating with royal icing. I’ve started collecting cookie cutters and I’ve spent a fortune in meringue powder this past year. I believe I’ve finally gotten the icing thing down to a fine art (thin for flooding and thick for outlining).

Again, who knew?!

But I really do love it! I mean, really enjoy it! I love rolling out the dough with a rolling pin that my mom gave me (I actually had “rolling pin” on my Christmas list and mom decided to give me hers). I had no idea that a rolling pin could work so well (don’t ask me what I used before mom gave me her rolling pin…)! But every time I use it, I’m reminded of my Grandmother because I’m pretty sure she had the same one. I love using the cookie cutters. I feel like I’m in my own little world. The only thing I’m missing is an apron. Ha!

Now, my cookies certainly don’t look “professional,” but at least they’ve been good enough for family get-to-gethers, Grandparent’s Day, Alise’s school’s homecoming, and other holidays!

So this weekend, while Wayne and Alise were at the camp, I decided to go “Betty Crocker” and whip out my ol’ rolling pin and try Mirya’s snowflake cookies. After all, I had slept until 10:00 that morning (which is something I nevah do) and I wanted to at least feel productive!

I was a little disappointed when the snowflake design turned out more like a flower after baking, but realized that I would have to outline the cookies for a snowflake affect. I wasn’t able to find the same color blue or the pearls that Mirya used, but I think they still turned out great! At least Wayne and Alise were impressed!

I took the cookies to school this morning to welcome Mrs. L and EC back from their extra week of Christmas break. This time last week, they were in Walt Disney World chumming up to the Princesses. Alise missed her teacher and good friend very much. In fact, I helped Alise make a “Welcome Back” card for EC and we decorated it with a bunch of Cinderella stickers. Alise hand wrote “I missed you” inside. So cute!

We were late for school today (Gasp! I know!) and when we walked in the classroom, EC was showing her Princess pictures to her classmates. I loved the way she said, “Belle.” It came out more like “Bale.”

A true Southern Bale, don’t you think?

P.S. If you haven’t asked me a question yet, go here! I will be working on my answers in a few days.


  1. I love to bake too... and I love your cookies! They are just fluffy snowflakes! LOL

  2. Too cute!! Think I might need to sample one.... (:

  3. your snowflakes turned out great! they look nothing like flowers now!

  4. Yummy.. I want cookies!

  5. I like your cookies. I just put one drop of blue food coloring in the icing. I still wasn't satisified with my blue because it looked like a mint green. I guess you'd have to buy the Wilton's food coloring in order to get that perfect winter blue look. Oh well. I bought a package of different shaped cookie cutters. One of them turned out to look like a flower as well. I just made sure when I outlined it to make it look more like a snowflake. The pearls are found both at Walmart & Hobby Lobby (baking section).

    I'm planning on making heart shaped cookies for Katie's Valentine's Day party.

    I've been using Doug's apron to do my baking. I told him that I was going to Williams-Sonoma to get my apron. His apron says: "Steer eye for da Steak guy." LOL! I think it's about time I got my own. Don't cha think?

  6. those cookies look yummy! I love to hear Alise's voice when you post videos! I also secretly love that Sofia has picked up a bit of a drawl herself!

  7. Great job!! Your cookies look great...I love making rolled cookies too. I am curious...what did you use before the rolling pin?

  8. Your cookies are so cute! I try to make cute cookies but usually by the time the are ready to ice and I ready to get on with something else and just slap some icing on them. Before I was married I used to spend so much time decorating cookies for Halloween and I just can't find the time!

    I am glad that you have found a new hobby that you love!

  9. I don't do cutouts, but baking is fun. I am very impressed with your snowflakes.

    ~hippo hugs~

  10. What beautiful cookies!!!

    And I love that Alise says "Bale" for Belle. My kids says "Balled crawfish"=boiled crawfish, ha, ha!

  11. I love making cut-out sugar cookies, but usually only do so for special occasions since I feel it's so time consuming! I use a recipe from the Joy of Cooking cookbook. Your snowflakes look great too!

  12. I love to bake too! Your cookies look great!

  13. Those turned out sooooo cute!

  14. GREAT JOB!! They look yummy and like snowflakes :)