Sunday, January 03, 2010

I Can't Think of A Title For This Post

I know I mentioned that I wasn't going to make any New Year's resolutions and I'm sticking to my story. However.....I did find this 52 week devotional at Lifeway and decided to buy it hoping that the study would help motivate me to get back in God's word. I admit that I miss reading my Bible and having a daily quiet time. What I liked about this study is that the devotionals are broken up by month, then by week, so there is no certain amount of study time for each day. You can simply "study" as you feel the Holy Spirit lead. I've decided to mention this now so that if I feel like sharing the things God is teaching me through His word, I didn't want you to think, "Where is she coming from?" Also, if any of you would like to join me on this journey of delving deeper into God's word, you can probably find the book at your local Christian bookstore. I found the book on sale and only paid $12. Go here for more information. And make sure you send me an email (wayla0422 (at) gmail (dot) com) letting me know! I would love to have study partners to hold me accountable! Remember, I'm not very good at resolutions! Ha!

And speaking of devotionals, I bought this spiral bound devotional for Alise. My plan is for us to do one lesson each night before bedtime. I am so excited about reading this to her and talking about the different topics. I got it at Lifeway, too.

This week while Alise and I were out running errands, we stopped in a local home furnishing store and they had the prettiest pink and purple (my two favorite colors) wreaths outside their store so I had to take pictures.

I love all the mesh netting and actually bought some pink and green netting to do an arrangement around our front door for Christmas, but I just never got around to it. I'll just save it for next year!

Alise and I went to the matinee showing of the new Chipmunk movie yesterday. It was really cute, but I'm not much in to Simon, Theodore, and Alvin. She liked it! But I feel like I have lived at the theater this holiday! We've seen three movies in three weeks and they were all "kid flicks." But I hafta say that there are some really great movies coming out in January - at least the previews look great.

And just in case you wondered what Alise would look with long hair, here is a pic. She found a cowgirl costume that I had bought for her to wear to school during a pep rally. Too funny.And last but not least, I am SOOOO not looking forward to getting back to our usual routine tomorrow morning. It is going to be hard! I've been off for the last eleven days and we've kinda slacked off on Alise's bed time and have been letting her sleep in, too. I dread having to get her up and send her back to school when she knows that her teacher won't even be there (Ms. L is vacationing in Disney for the week). And then there is dance, gymnastics, and church as well as tons of emails and voice mails to return at the office. I'm just going to try and enjoy today and not think about tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day.


  1. Oh my word...I feel the same way about tomorrow! I dread the rush of teen hormones and attitudes again! Even more, I dread doing lesson plans and other nonsensical paperwork I am required to do. Nothing takes the joy outof teaching like pushing paper and jumping through hoops! :)

    Here's to enjoying our last day off!!

  2. Oh wow! I'd love to join you on your study, but I already committed to a Beth Moore study that starts next week! I don't want to spread myself to thin, however that book for daughters looks awesome. I am picking one for my daughters for sure! My goodness those purple/pink wreaths are so gorgeous! Those are the colors I decorated my house this year. I wish I would have seen it before! How fun! Have a great Sunday! I know back to routines tomorrow :(

  3. I'm starting a Beth Moore study on Thursday. I do have a mini-quiet time every morning... but I know I need something deeper!

  4. I have always done devotionals with my girls. You and Alise will LOVE it.

    I was looking forward to getting back into a routine here tomorrow but it has been snowing ALL DAY LONG so it looks like we will have a snow day tomorrow...BUMMER!

  5. That looks like a great devotional! I'm starting a Priscilla Shirer study in a couple of weeks with some friends. It definitely helps when others hold you accountable! I'm going to have to check this one out the next time I'm at Lifeway. And I love the idea of the devotional for little girls...that is so sweet! That is going to be such precious time for you and Alise!

  6. We went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks last night. MK had a great time. I dread getting back into the routine of work and getting MK to school tomorrow. I have enjoyed being off with her and doing some home improvement projects. It made me feel like a Mom not a machine, if that makes sense. She has slept in and stayed up late too. Tomorrow will be rough.

  7. Carrie7:41 PM

    I DO NOT want to go back to school tomorrow! We had snow again last night and the girls are hopping the roads are still too slick for school. I have doubts! We are supposed to have another blizzard Wednesday and Thursday, so we will probably have a short school week anyway. I'll say a prayer for you and Alise tomorrow early...have a great week!

  8. I was just catching up on your blog earlier and got distracted, probably by that sweet 1 year old that toddles around my house these days. I would love to join you in the bible study, I was wanting to start a Beth Moore but that might not work out. I'll will let you know in a few days if I can join you. That would be neat! So thanks for putting that out there.

    That wreath in the next post looks huge, compared to your daughter standing next to it. haha!

    My husband is the pickiest eater I've ever seen. NO VEGGIES what so ever. NONE!!! Strictly meat and if he has potatoes, that's ok but not a requirement. And he won't normally touch a casserole either, but I've got him eating at least two that I know of. The way he said it, when he told me, it went like this, "I might try the baked ziti, but I am NOT trying to chili, I'm just telling you that right now, with all those spicies I'm not trying it." I just ignored him, because #1 he probably will eat it and #2 he loves spices so I don't know what kind of excuse that was. So that's the story on the chili, I'll let you know how it goes!

    Good luck going back to work tomorrow. I teach, but my position was cut two months into the school year, budget cuts in the lovely state of MS. Anyway, I have an interview tomorrow at a high school and an interview Wednesday for a position I applied for through MSU. So I'm kind of excited to get the week going!

  9. I will have to go to Lifeway and get that book! You know I need to!

    That wreath is gorgeous! I saw it when I was out shopping.

    Hope your morning went smoothly! Wonder if they are going to let the kids out early today because of the sleet....I hope!!

    Thanks for being such a GREAT friend! Love you!

  10. I like your idea of the devotional. I haven't religiously
    stuck to a daily devotional study. I've got several devotionals in my bookcase. I think I'll do the "Sparkling Gems" by Rick Renner, I purchased a couple of years ago. Hopefully, I'll stick to it all year. Everytime I say that I'll stick to it something happens and I miss a week.

    Loved the silly photo of Alise in the wig. Too cute!

    Good luck on the devotional study.

  11. Like you, I am not good at keeping resolutions. I remember how well you didi last year with your food plan. I am totally convinced I will be more careful with my eating and I have been exercising. Have you heard of Zumba? It's all the rage around here and two of my GFs and I are going to give it a try too.

    As for my devotions, they have been nearly non-existent lately. I'm going to go to CBD and see if I can order that book as soon as I finish this comment. I sooo need to spend more time in the word. My dear daughter made me a set of prayer beads last year. I was so good about my devotions and prayer time using my beads last spring and then..I allowed life to get in my way. Thanks for inspiring me to work harder at my devotional life.

    I LOVE the wreaths. I thought you were going to say you bought one. I would have been so, so jealous. I love those colors too.

    Okay, I'm going to go and order that book if I can.

    Have a good week. Your blog makes me happy.

    ~hippo hugs~

  12. Thanks for telling me about the devotional book! I need a new one and that one might be just want I need.

    And LOVE the wreath!