Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chang's & Rock Stars

Before I forget.....

Gymbucks end today. Quick! Redeem yours!! I have an extra $25 gymbuck that I will give away if someone is interested. Free money. Email me.

Also, have you received your Fall/Winter sale catalog from Orient Express? Check it out. Some great deals!

And last but not least, the birthday week is over. Pooh! But all good things must come to an end. I'm sure my scale will appreciate it!

Yesterday, we spent the day in Mississippi. Wayne has been gone so much the last four months with hunting, that just spending an entire Saturday together was a birthday present enough for me! And there is no doubt that Alise is my daughter! As soon as we pulled into P.F. Chang's parking lot, she said, "Oooooh, Mommie!! I LOVE this place!"

Alise making her first lettuce wrap all by herself.
Eating with chop sticks (kid version) for the first time.

We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping at the Renaissance and you can imagine who racked up! I bought Alise flip flops and her Easter January!! Picking out an Easter dress was a special moment, though. First of all, because it was the first time Alise actually "tried on" something before I bought it. Normally, I just buy it, take it home and if it doesn't fit, I take it back. So the fact that she was trying on really nice dresses and then running outside the dressing room to show her Daddy was a pretty special thing.

But what really cracked me up was when we walked in Williams-Sonoma. Alise was on a mission as soon as we walked through the door to find a cooking bra. And just for the record, she really thinks that is what an apron is called!! I made her say the word "apron" like twenty times when she kept insisting that I buy her this cute, cute "cooking bra." And I also want to clarify that we don't go around our house saying words like "bra" so the fact that she even knows that word amazes me!We're planning on donning our aprons later this afternoon to make fleur dis les cookies for the Saints football game.

Then, at Best Buy, she and her Daddy decided to rock out the store with DJ and Guitar Hero! I was laughing so hard! It was hilarious! Here are my two Rock Stars!! Who needs American Idol?!


  1. what a FUN day! I LOVE LOVE Chang's! Can't wait to see her Easter Dress. Is she still wearing lavender? Glad you guys had a wonderful birthday celebration! I'll be watching the Saints and Vikings today too - but surrounded by Vikings. I don't follow NFL at all so Good Luck to both teams - but LA is the South sooooo (think we know who I'll really root for)!

  2. What a wonderful birthday culmination you had! And you look precious!

  3. She kills me with that cooking bra!

  4. A cooking bra is the funniest thing I have ever heard. I am so glad you guys had a great time in Miss. I lurve PF Changs.

  5. Carrie8:56 PM

    Did you see the cookie cutter/stamps at W&S? They are awesome! You can make them say whatever you want. I saw the aprons at Christmas and thought of Alise. I hope you bought her one! Looks like you had fun. You guys needs to come visit us - we have all of your favorite stores and my girls would love to entertain Alise!

  6. I love PF Changs. We have one nearby and I am hoping to go there for my birthday celebration. Love those lettuce wraps.

    Alise looks so cute in her apron. Hope the cookies turned out well.

    ~hippo hugs~

  7. That sweet little girl just keeps getting CUTER and CUTER!!!

    I'm still reading (maybe not commenting a lot)!

    Loved the post it note post. So cute and creative!

    PLEASE let me know if you need any Orient Expressed. I am a rep (as of last Fall) and I am a true believer in their clothing. Good quality and unique clothing options!

    Hope you are well!!!