Saturday, January 09, 2010

Ask Away!!

January is my birthday month.
I'm not one of those people that thinks the entire month has to be devoted to them just because it's their birthday.
But a week sounds good! Ha!

So anyway.

Since my birthday is coming up, I've decided to do a question/answer post.
You ask the questions and I answer.
Simple as that.
You can ask me anything (within reason, of course) and I promise to do my best to answer.
So leave me a comment in this post and I will post my answers next week.

Ask away!!


  1. Are you planning on having more children?

  2. Tell us again how you met Wayne and became an Alabama fan while living in Louisiana.

  3. I'm going to think on this a while!!!

  4. Happy Birthday! Well I have been meaning to ask you where you get Alise's things monogrammed? I need a good reasonable place!!!

  5. Your hair is so cute. Is it naturally curly or do you curl it every day?

  6. when are we going to meet? ha!!! We live too close to have not met yet! :) :) :) I love these q & a posts, so fun!

  7. yeah I agree with Kelley- how'd you and your hubby meet?
    How'd you pick Alise for your daugther's name- any special reason behind her name?

  8. So you work full time??? Tell us how you do it all! ;)

    I'm adding your blog to my sidebar, so I can remember to check on you! :)

  9. What do you do when you have a day to yourself without your daughter?

  10. What is your favorite activity to do as a family? (When you are in the off season for College Football, of course)

  11. I'm with Etta....more children?? BFF's need to know!! I wanna know if we're going back to NYC??

  12. Hi,

    When is your birthday? Can I ask how old you are?

  13. What do you do to relax?

    What your favorite comfort food?

    I am terrible at this. If I think of any more I will add them later :)

  14. I have been trying to think of a good question to ask and now I see that someone has already asked the same one. I was wondering how you and Wayne met.

    Here is another one, What is your "must have" beauty product?