Monday, December 21, 2009

Old Habits Die Hard

Can you believe that I have made it through the Christmas holidays thus far without having one of these babies?It won't be long, though. I'm waiting with bated breath to sink one into my mouth. I LOVE THESE CHRISTMAS TREE SNACKS!! The special day will either be Christmas Eve or Christmas Day! I guarantee it.

Having said that, some old habits just never die.

Take my old habit of stopping every morning before work to get a grape slush from Sonic. That is, before I started my diet last January. Who knew that a little ice and sugar water was worth nearly 300 calories? I sure didn't, but it did put an end to my slush days (but not my Sonic days).

So imagine my happiness when I decided to really enjoy my not-being-on-a-diet-for-two-weeks and stopped by the Sonic and got a grape slush on the way to Walmart. It was truly the least I could do to prepare myself for THAT, that's fer sure!! I think I was having an out-of-body moment.

Here are just a few thoughts I've got running through my mind today (in no particular order):

1. I can NOT believe that today is December 21st. Christmas is in FOUR days and I'm STILL not through with my Christmas shopping.

2. 2009 is the "Year of Death" as far as Hollywood goes: Michael Jackson, Natasha Richardson, Brittany Murphy...good grief.

3. I SOOOO don't want to visit my OB/GYN on the 23rd. Remember the paper gown story from last year? Why can't that atrocious thing come in colors? And, no! I'm not pregnant. I don't think. However, this day will go down in infamy. I've been dieting 11 months, 21 days, 14 hours, 15 mintues and 48 seconds to come face-to-face with Doc's scale again. It MUST read 20 pounds less than this time last year. It MUST!

4. A co-worker is driving me crazy over getting myself a Clarisonic Skin Cleaning System. Not that I have bad skin or anything. It's just that she swears by hers and tells me everyday, "Laura, you're young. You have time to do something about your skin." I think I'll be okay without one (for now).

5. I'm really hoping that someone will plan a blogger soiree soon. I'm so ready to get on a plane and fly. Anywhere.

6. I really need to post a picture of Wayne's Christmas gift on here so you all fine readers can see just what an awesome wifey I am. It's big. And it's red! It's nickname is called, "The Tider." Speaking of which, Wayne ran into a couple from Cullman, Alabama (where his family is from) here in Louisiana at a store that he refuses to tell me because he was buying me a Christmas present - however, he doesn't know that his four year old let the cat-out-of-the bag - doesn't he KNOW not to shop with a four year old? - and the couple told him that they had extra season tickets on the 50 yard line that they would like to sell. He thinks he's getting those for Christmas, too. Wrong. Which also reminds me that a co-worker informed me last week that he had FREE Pasadena tickets and DID NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT ME!!! I happily told that co-worker that his deparmental budget will be completely slashed this year! Do ya feel the love?!

7. I've decided to send Happy 2010 cards instead of Christmas cards for all you family that got your panties in a wad about me not sending any out this year. I'm also taking Alise back to the mall for "Take 2 With Santa." The first Santa we had her picture with had a yellow beard. Yuck! I've since seen that there is a new, whiter bearded Santa so we'll be seeing him sometime this week. Do you think Alise will notice the difference?

8. I am so excited about seeing my brother and his family this week.

9. The love for Red Velvet Cakeballs lives on! All my coworkers are asking for the recipe and "technique." If they only knew! I actually still have about 30 balls left in the freezer that I plan to dip before Christmas. I'm also gonna do some pretzels and "Puppy Chow" (see the back of any Chex cereal box for the recipe) and I was considering making Hubs some "boiled cookies." Don't ask. For Christmas Day, mom is going all out (remember Thanksgiving?) and so am I with Green Bean Casserole (back of the French-Fried Onion can) and my wonderful Chocolate Cake. Leigh, I am saving a piece just for you, Birthday Girl!

That's it. For the life of me, I can't come up with a #10.


  1. WOW - I am bringing those red velvet cake balls to AZ this Christmas! Trying to get caught up on my blogging and seeing what you have been up to!

  2. That is so cute! I can't believe Christmas is 4 days away either!

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love finding new bloggy friends :) It was fun reading this post. I got to know you a little better :) YES!! Can't believe Christmas is in 4 days either!!!

  4. I bought some of those Christmas Tree snack cakes at the grocery store last week. I did so good all weekend but couldn't stay strong any longer. I had one as a snack yesterday. It was so will not be disappointed!

    Carter has been very obserant this Christmas and has been asking a ton of questions about Santa. After we saw the "real" Santa I told him that the other ones around were Santa's helpers and that they had to call Santa every night to tell him what all of the little boys and girls told him that day. When we had Breakfast with Santa the first thing Carter said when he saw the Santa was that he was really just one of Santa's helpers because he didn't look like the real Santa. I am glad that we had that little talk before hand so he wasn't disappointed!

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