Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Okay. I'm Not Bragging....

....but I DID IT!!


Who says I can't be a party planner for four year olds?

Ms. L said that she would never look at another gingerbread man and not think of me!! (is that not a compliment or what?!)

But geez! I am exhausted! All the planning and buying and getting ready for this party have totally worn me out!!

But it was SO worth it to see those little kids' faces just light up with excitement!

Alise's class started out by playing, "Jingle Bells" with half the class ringing bells and the other half as the "choir." I got the whole "production" on video, but I had to use our regular video camera because I couldn't find my Flip, which is how I normally upload video to my blog. So if I get time to upload the video, I will because it is so precious. In case you're wondering, my daughter was a "bell ringer," but she sang, too.

Then, the students got to write letters to Santa. Ms. L found some cute, cute Santa stationary with matching envelopes and stickers. The parents were wonderful! Almost every child was represented and even the ones who didn't, all the parents pitched in and helped them write their letter to Santa.

All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door and lo and behold, who should arrive but Ms. Santa Claus herself (and, no, it wasn't me!)!!! The children were estatic!!! They were SO excited!

All of a sudden, one of Alise's classmates got up and took her letter to Ms. Claus and asked if she would give it to Santa. As soon as Ms. Claus said that she would, ALL the kids got out of their seats and rushed to give her their letters. It was a special moment. Sometimes it is so refreshing to see Christmas through the eyes of a child. She went all around the room and asked each student their name and what they wanted for Christmas.
Next, Ms. Claus helped us make snowmen using white cake icing and large marshmellows. We put icing between the marshmellows so they would stick together and then secured them using a toothpick. We forgot to use pretzel sticks as the arms, but the children didn't mind. They loved decorating their snowmen by using different colored icing. We also decorated gingerbread men cookies.

Then, Ms. Claus told us how hungry the reindeer were and that Santa and the elves have been so busy making toys that they were having a hard time remembering to feed the reindeer. So we made "Reindeer Food" using coconut, oats, and glitter and let the students put it in Christmas bags to carry home and sprinkle on the ground on Christmas Eve.

Then it was time to eat! We had PBJ sandwiches, cupcakes, cookies, chips, rice krispie treats, and punch. And let me just say here, that my mom and I are AWESOME punch makers!! Who needs a recipe!? (Inside joke that I will share on another day!) Ms. Claus read the children a Gingerbread themed story while they ate.

Before I knew it, I was taking my first sip of punch and it was 11:00 and the kids were starting to leave with their parents and grandparents. I think I was a little sad.

And would you believe that as I was hauling all the left over bags to my car that I began thinking about next year? And then I got sad again thinking that each year Alise would be just that much closer to knowing the secret.... and not needing a Ms. Claus to make her school parties complete...and not needing her mother to plan those parties...and....

So I went to work. To socialize and celebrate Christmas by having lunch with my co-workers and employees (a group of accountants, so you KNOW how much fun that was!) to drown out the saddness. And then I fed my face with red velvet cake balls and lived happily evah after!
The End


  1. What a fabulous party!!!! I wish I was there--you outdid yourself!

  2. you can come plan a party for me ANY day of the week! Great job Laura!

  3. I don't know where you find the time and energy to do everything you do! Looks like the kids had a great party!

  4. What a great party! You did an awesome job! How did you find the time. I know the kids had fun. Just the look on their faces says it all.

  5. Haha you are so funny! I am glad the party went so well:)

  6. Well, where were you when I was teaching? LOL! Sounds like a wonderful party, and it looks like it was a success! Go MOM!

  7. Great job! Great party. You are the Bomb Digity.

    ~hippo hugs~

  8. Definitely sounds like a successful party! Oh, and I would love a velvet cake ball, please?!

  9. Over-achiever!!! You make the rest of us room mothers look bad! But that was a great party, Mrs. Claus.

  10. Now, THAT is a party! I feel bad for the next room mom that has to follow you. The pressure! Great job!

  11. hi laura! thank you so much for the nice comment about my sweater! i got it from talbot's 50% off just last week!

    anyway, looks like you threw a fab 4 year-old christmas party! you thought of everything! i'm a kindergarten teacher and i've seen a lot of class parties, so i can tell that you did an awesome job planning the party! way to go!

  12. Anonymous8:31 AM

    What a wonderful party!! Could you be Aidan & Evan's room mom too? LOL!! Glad it was such a hit! Great job!!

  13. That party looks great! You thought of everything to make it such a memorable one for the kids. You are an AWESOME Room Mother!