Friday, December 18, 2009

Houston, We Have Presents!

If you saw a crazy chick, a crazy chick’s momma, and a crazy chick’s daughter on the Today Show this morning, that would be my employee. Yep! I’ll claim her. She’s in NY right now on a winning ticket. The dance studio where crazy chick’s daughter and Alise dance was doing a raffle this fall to win a trip to NY to see the Rocketts and a ballet performance (of the Nutcracker, I think). Crazy chick won. Can you say, “Merry Christmas?”

Now to the presents.

One of the best things I like about my man is that he has my Christmas presents professionally wrapped every year. By “professionally wrapped,” I’m talking about those customer service maids that take for-evah to wrap a gift using all that shiny Christmas paper on-a-roll and double sided tape. The ol’ gals that can make a bow and a pinecone pick look like it’s worth a million bucks! That kind of “professionally wrapped.”

So last night, Wayne insisted that he finish (aka “get started”) on his Christmas shopping. Alise and I tagged along with the promise that if he fed us Chic-fil-a, we would go in the opposite direction and let him “finish” his shopping alone. After not one, but TWO potty breaks (I despise public restrooms), hollering, “Mommie, take my picture!” beside every mall decoration she saw, begging to ride the carousel AND build a bear a week before Christmas in a store that is quickly becoming the thing I despise even more than public restrooms, AND holding up thong underware in Express and hollering, “Mommie, what’s this?!” I HAD HAD IT!!! And this was all in – say – a span of an hour. Good news is that the announcement was made at 8:45 that the mall would be closing, so she and I headed back to Sears to meet up with Wayne, who was MIA. No answer on his cell phone. So I proceeded to sit on a treadmill – yes, sit - by the doors at Sears and wait. All of a sudden, I see my UPS man coming down the aisle carrying a stack of beautifully wrapped presents and I know that he’s really been shopping! I even get a little giddy. That is, until Alise knocks over my diet coke from running in the store and I remember that no pretty wrapping paper is worth explaining thong underware to a 4 year old and we high-tail-it out the door! Whew!

So now we actually have a few presents under our tree. Yes, they are all mine for now, but I am hoping that just seeing them there will inspire me enough to breakout my own ribbon and wrapping paper this weekend and try some “professional wrapping” myself, but I’m not holding my breath. Me and pinecones don’t mix.


  1. This post was funny!! I am not a great wrapper and it makes me tense up each year. Something possessed (sp??) me last year to buy wrapping and ribbons on sale at Hallmark. Now I have to use. I can't use the bag! Boo! It takes me forever to wrap! Good luck!

    P.S. Be meaning to tell you, Congrats on your Alabame Team. Roll Tide!

  2. That was hilarious. And so true!

    I am finalllly almost done wrapping and some have much to be desired.

    Btw, ROLL TIDE (you know I pull for SEC when LSU isn't involved).

  3. I finally started wrapping. Heck, mine don't look professional at all. My son could probably do better than me, but's wrapped and that's all that matters! I'm just glad to be done shopping! :)

  4. That is so cute! I need to get after wrapping my presents too.

  5. I'm no where near done shopping. And I hate to wrap presents!

  6. Well now you need to show us what those "professionally wrapped" packages look like.

    I hate public is even worse when I have to take Carter to one. Last night during dinner he went to the restroom 3 different times! That just drives me crazy!

  7. Oh goodness, I would have died a little inside if my four year old asked me what thongs were. You can just see her childhood chipping away!

    Hooray for gifts under the tree! I convinced my husband to give me my gift the other day, so there aren't any under the tree for me. :(

  8. I could totally be a professional wrapper. Not that I'm good at it, but I LOVE to wrap presents! Sounds like you must have been a good girl this year. =)

  9. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Aww, how sweet of Wayne!! Something about professionally wrapped presents makes me giddy :-)