Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Dear Santa

I am writing you this letter to complain. And although complaining is probably one of those fine attributes that ranks right up there with your personal pet peeve (because it does mine) and will probably send my name immediately to the “naughty list,” I don’t care.

I’ve got my big girl panties on, Santa!

I want you to add AT&T’s name to the naughty list. They deserve it! AT&T’s customer service stinks! That is, when I actually get to speak to someone. And then it’s always someone from the Philippians or Asia that I can’t understand. They are rude and they lie. Lie, Santa! How dare they? That’s got to be worse than complaining! AT&T is unobliging, too. They refused to work around my schedule when this whole ordeal was their fault to begin with! And then the embarrassment and humiliation I had to suffer when the technician came out to our home! Ugh!....I just want to die a hundred deaths when I think about it! They should have to pay extra for that fer sure!

Long story short, Santa, AT&T was suppose to come to our house Saturday afternoon to replace our modem. Yep! During the SEC Championship game! That’s how bad Wayne and I wanted our internet service back up and running. Sometimes, ya just gotta do what cha gotta do.

So when no one showed up, I called at 4:00 and was told that they had talked to the technician and he was on his way and would be at our house by 5:00. Lie #1. At 6:40, I called back, asked to speak to a supervisor and was told it would be Sunday between 1 and 4. Lie #2. On Sunday afternoon, Wayne spent two hours on the phone with various people/countries trying to get a resolution. Then, after church that night I got on the phone with them for nearly two hours. And, yes, Santa, I’m afraid you saw my ugly side! I admit. After this weekend, I deserve to be on the naughty list.

Again, I spent the majority of my time Monday morning at work on the phone with AT&T (this time I was so fortunate enough to get someone in Atlanta!) but they still refused to send someone after 6 o’clock because, “Ma’am, our technicians only work from 8 to 5.” Hadn’t I been inconvenience enough??

Alise had to miss her dance class so I could get home in time to meet the technician. And as he got out of his truck, I recognized him! An old high school friend - that I had had a crush on my junior and senior year and hadn’t seen in about seven years - was the technician! I was so afraid that he had heard about my “naughty side” and I was so embarrassed (luckily, I learned later that he had not- Whew!). But lo and behold, NOTHING could compare to what greeted me when I unlocked the door for him.

And there they were!

Every bra and pair of panties that I owned were right there in the middle of the living room for the whole world to see!!

I RAN to the pile of clean clothes just waiting to be folded and threw everything on the couch to make a path to the spare bedroom where our modem is located. On top of getting to see my underware, he probably thought that I lived in a pig sty! I apologized for the messy house – but not my underware because I was secretly hoping that he didn’t see anything, but I KNOW he did! Besides, some things are just better left unsaid, don’t you think, Santa?

So although I am thankful for the opportunity to catch up with an old friend, I don’t appreciate being jacked around by a major conglomerate. I don’t care how wide their cell phone coverage is!

I hope you will consider my complaint when you are dishing out those stock options and bonuses this year from your big red bag!

A big fat bonus would do nicely to replenish my “intimate” wardrobe!

Your #1 Naughty Girl,


  1. I would be mad too! I am probably one that list too for somethings I have said this week.

  2. see I am so in a twit I can't even spell things correctly...

  3. You are hilarious!!! Sorry that you have been through such an ordeal!!! :)

  4. I had a similar situation with AOL years ago! Crazy, horrible people! The underwear story is too funny, although I would have been mortified!

  5. Anonymous10:44 PM

    LOL! I needed this laugh!! Thanks Laura!

  6. I don't know how other companies are, but I know that HP does this... Their customer service jobs have been outsourced to India, so you can never understand what they're saying. However, if you call the Spanish-speaking customer service line, you'll reach someone in Texas who speaks Spanish as their second language -- English is their first!

  7. Hahaha omg I would I have died too! That is so something that would happen to me. Don't even get me started on dealing with those ppl. I almost had a nervous meltdown in the middle of Verizon one day b/c I was SO angry. Customer service sucks and outsourcing only makes it worse.

  8. I just hate dealing with service providers when there is a problem! I would have be ticked off to with all that you went through. I am glad that you are finally up and running again. I hope Santa lets that one slide because it sounds like AT&T really deserved everything you could dish out and then some more!

  9. That underwear situation is too, too funny!