Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Stuff

Alise wants a dog for Christmas.

Santa isn’t bringing a dog.

So somehow, between now and Christmas, I’ve got to lower the boom of waking up and not finding a cute new friend wearing a red bow under the Christmas tree. Why do I always get stuck doing the dirty work?

Actually, dog is #2 on her list. She’s getting #1 – only in an “age appropriate version.” She wanted a DS because she’s seen the older kids at school with their’s. Wayne and I mulled over it for a month and decided that a four year old that can’t remember to pick her dirty clothes up off the bathroom floor does not need a $200 gaming device. So we opted for the pink Leapster instead. Someone please tell me we made the right decision.

I wish I still had Alise's Christmas list that she wrote to Santa, but Ms. Claus took the children's lists with her. I was so proud of Alise for spelling "DS" and "dog" all by herself!

I actually got some Christmas gifts wrapped last night. I was hoping a few of Santa's elves would show up to help, but that didn't happen. Nearly all the Santa gifts are wrapped. I still need to shop for my mom and Wayne. Looks like I'll be doing that late in the evenings this week.

Yesterday when we took Alise and M to the movies, A gave us a nice container filled with Christmas goodies. I LOVE getting Christmas treats and trying all the different things people make. Anyway, A made the most awesome pecans (pronounced "peeee-khans.") evah so I facebooked her last night and told her that I must have the recipe. I'll share it when she sends it to me.

When I was uploading some pictures, I noticed that there were some from this Christmas season that I had not shared, so here goes:

The first weekend in December, Alise and I made a birthday cake for Jesus. Baking the cake was something that I've been wanting to do ever since Alise was born, but I didn't think she was old enough to quite understand. So this was the first year that I really began stressing the real reason for the season and we decided to celebrate with a birthday cake. I wonder what Jesus thought about His pink birthday cake and a whole bottle of green sugar crystals? We used cheap store-bought lettering to help Alise with her letters and spelling. A double teachable moment if you ask me.
You can barely see the letters for all the green sugar!
This is a pic of Alise and her semi-boyfriend, Will. They go to church and school together. We just love him! He's the only boy that's allowed to kiss our daughter on the cheek without permission (which he did one day at school).
Alise singing in our church's childrens choir. Sorry for the bald head.

Me & Alise at church.
Someone asked about the Reindeer Cookies I made last weekend. I found this recipe in a magazine years ago. They have become a holiday tradition.
A pic of one of the Christmas trays I made last weekend.
A pic of Alise and her classmates with Ms. Claus that I forgot to include in an earlier post.
Alise with her Christmas stocking from her teacher that is nearly as big as she is!
And this is Alise standing outside the door of her classroom. Doesn't it look great? Just like the front door of a gingerbread house (I had a hand in this little project, too!).


  1. I think the Leap Frog is perfect for her age. Actually, even though I am done shopping, I was thinking I may add a couple of Leap Frog gifts...they seem to be on sale!!

    Merry Christmas!!


  2. Leap Frog is a great choice. I love the tray of cookies! The Jesus birthday cake is awesome. The pictures of Alise are so cute.

  3. Love the Jesus birthday cake! And she will love the Leap Frog! Of course, i think you should be subjected to the torture I'm currently enduring by deciding Avery should have a puppy for Christmas - so - GO FOR IT! Make all her Christmas dreams come true, buy her the cutest lil puppy in the - he lives at my house! ;)

  4. wow! so very jealous of that school christmas party.

  5. What cute pictures! We ended up getting Carter the Leapster too. I actually have one at home and then another on the way from Leap Frog...they had some great bundle deals with free shipping guaranteed to arrive by Christmas. I was able to get 3 games and the leapster for the price of what I paid for the leapster and 1 game...I am so excited about that deal! I can't wait for him to open it up...I think he will really love it.

    The Jesus birthday cake is great! That would really drive home the reason for the season for the little ones!

  6. YES, the Leapster is perfect for Alise! Ethan has had his for years and still loves to play it. He is getting a DSI for Christmas though and he doesn't know it yet, but he will be passing along his Leapster to Ella. Alise will love it!

  7. Anonymous2:25 PM

    How did I miss this post?!? Great pictures Laura!! I LOVE those Reindeer cookies and may have to steal that idea!!!