Monday, December 07, 2009

Christmas Greetings from Jack the Elf

Merry Christmas Bloggy Friends!

This is Jack the Elf.

While Laura is on the phone battling it out with AT&T over their internet service that they haven’t had since last Thursday, I thought I’d take this opportunity to work some of my magic and pop in to say, “Hello!” and let you know what’s been going on in the Horton’s world for the last few days.

And in case you’re wondering why I don’t just work my magic on the whole “internet situation,” well, there are just some things that can’t be fixed from the computer to the seat, if you know what I mean! So let me just say that I’m darn glad I don’t work for AT&T right now!!

I arrived on December 1st just like last year. I LOVE coming to the Horton’s house! They are the most Bama-loving-Mexican-eating-sweet-tea-drinking-always-on-the-go-deer-slaying-snow-flake-tasting-ballet-loving-and-cake-ball-eating family I have ever met!! Being in their house is A LOT more fun than building toys all day in the North Pole (No offense, kids). The Horton’s actually believe in turning on the heat. In Louisiana, of all places! Who knew?

What can I say? Alise loves me! She runs out of bed every morning to find me and talks to me a lot more this year than last. Laura said that I could go to school with her one day to meet Ms. L’s elf, Manny. Actually, Manny and I go way back. We worked together on the Barbie assembly line. Va-voom!! The best job I ever had was putting that hot doll together! But anyway. I’ll be glad to see my ol’ pal Manny again. Actually, Alise got to hold Manny the entire time last week when she went with her class to the local ballet’s performance of “Buddy the Elf.” The kids loved it! Laura went as a chaperone. This past Saturday, she took Alise to the character breakfast so that she could meet all the characters from the ballet. Laura said she felt like she was back in Disney World. It was that crazy! She said she would post pictures as soon as she gets her “stupid” internet working again.

It actually snowed here in Louisiana last Friday afternoon, if you can believe that! Of course, I see snow all the time, so it was no big deal to me. I would have slept through the entire thing – on the shelf, of course – if Laura hadn’t decided to pick Alise up early to come home and “play” in it. Those two are so funny! It didn’t even accumulate and melted as soon as it hit the ground. Alise was determined, however, to catch a snowflake on her tongue and she did!

Then, of course, Wayne made it home from the hunting camp just in time to watch the SEC Championship game between Alabama and Florida. But! He brought home a big surprise from the woods!! A nine point buck!! Dead, of course. Although Wayne was estatic with his kill, all Laura kept saying was that there would be no more dead deer hanging on her living room walls. If I had a dollar for ever time I heard her say that, I’d have enough money to buy me a ticket back to the North Pole! Of course, she put a lid on it during the game – well, as far as the deer went – but she and Wayne were both jumping up and down and hollering at the TV during the game! Can you believe Alise actually slept through that? Wayne said she’ll never make it as a true Bama cheerleader if she can’t stay awake for the SEC Championship!

Laura hasn’t finished her Christmas shopping. I guess she’ll be expecting me to do a little Christmas magic with that, too. As much as I love this family and enjoy the 24 days that I’m here, I will eventually have to check out. I mean even I know that there is only so much of a four year old I can take! Ha! Although I think even Laura believes that Alise has been on her best behavior since I made my appearance. I’m good like that!

I need to be getting back to my special spot on the shelf. I think Laura is getting off the phone with AT&T. I sure hope she hasn’t killed anyone through the phone lines. That certainly would put her on the naughty list!

Merry Christmas!

P.S. Lots of pictures to come!


  1. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Looking forward to some pictures Jack :-)

  2. What a cute post. I was cracking up at the Barbie part. We are expecting our first snow storm of the season...Carter is dying to get some snow playtime in. Can't wait to see the pictures you have planned to share. It sounds like you have been VERY busy!

  3. are too funny! We only had about 20 snowflakes at our house. I was so disappointed!

  4. Too cute! Our elf "Bunny" made its appearance this week. We needed it to with some behavior issues. Ha! Mary-Kate talks to him every morning too. She says, "Bunny please don't tell Santa what I did today." Too funny.

  5. What a fun letter from Jack! T finally named her elf - Bob it is! She doesn't quite get that she's not supposed to hold him, and that's all she wants to do. And me, I can't always remember to hide him each morning, usually because he's in bed with her! Hopefully next year she will get the concept a litle better!