Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving With A Twist

My mom usually goes all out for Thanksgiving. However, this year, I convinced her to do Thanksgiving with a "twist."

Instead of preparing the traditional, southern-style Thanksgiving meal, I asked her to prepare a true Louisiana delicacy: Chicken & Sausage Gumbo.
My brother and SIL alternate the holidays every year between their families and this year they spent Thanksgiving in Oklahoma. Wayne decided to stay at the camp to hunt, so I told my mom that there was no need to "go all out" for just me, Alise, and my dad. Since we love her gumbo, I thought it would make a great change to our family tradition and would leave the "going all out" for Christmas when the whole family could be together.

Mom's gumbo did not disappoint! We had a huge salad and cornbread, too. For dessert, we had sugar free lemon pie and red velvet cake balls.

We've decided - or at least Wayne has decided - not to put the icicle lights on our house this year. Can you say, "Bah-hum-bug!"?? I WILL be putting up my lighted wreath and swag as well as the candles in the windows. I decorated my tree on Friday afternoon. If you want to see pictures, you can go here (scroll down). Not much has changed in a year. Ha! I have yet to put up Alise's tree in her room and let me just say that she has been rather patient about it, too. Surprise, surprise!
I was fortunate enough to have a babysitter for an early Friday morning shopping excursion with my mom. Alise had her first sleepover with her our babysitter and her little sis. I took a pic of them before I went to bed at 8:30. The girls were STILL up at midnight! Mom and I walked out the door at 4 AM so I shopped on about three hours of sleep! That's the earliest we've evah gotten up to go shopping on Black Friday!! No Toys R Us, Best Buy, or Old Navy for us! We mostly just shopped at the mall, however, we heard "horror stories" from other people waiting in lines. Cops apparently had to be called at Toys R Us and a fight broke out in Belk over some boots. Wow! The longest we had to wait in any lines was 15 minutes and that was in Target. Lurve me some Black Friday shopping!!

And all my hard dieting work from the last 335 days went up in flames beginning three days ago. I've made myself SICK of red velvet cake balls. Just sayin'... I text Leigh Friday night, even though I knew she was celebrating Thanksgiving with her family, and told her that she should be thankful that her BFF's butt grew two inches!! Ha! I have SO fallen off the wagon!

Thank you for posting pics of your ball wreaths! They are all gorgeous!! I haven't started mine yet simply because I haven't made it to the Dollar Store to look for balls. I am still hoping to do a pink and green wreath sometime before Christmas is over. You all have inspired me very much!

I hope you had a great and blessed Thanksgiving!


  1. It sounds like you had a awesome Thanksgiving! Gumbo sounds wonderful! Can't wait to see how your wreath turns out. I am cleaning house today to get ready to start decorating.

  2. Your husband skipped Thanksgiving to hunt? GASP! Did he at least shoot something? Mine made it back the day before. :)

  3. Andy and AJ went hunting Thanksgiving afternoon after lunch! It is not Thanksgiving to them without hunting! That gumbo sounds good right about now!

  4. I love "twisting" tradition a little bit too - not as drastic but we had chocolate pie instead of pumpkin pie. Two of us ate the entire thing in two days. I am wondering if its hopeless to drop 5 pounds by Christmas.

  5. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Happy Thanksgiving! Gumbo sounds wonderful and it looks yummy too!! We went Black Friday shopping too, but we left the house at 11 PM Thanksgiving night for Toys R Us midnight opening and didn't get home until 8 AM the next morning, HA! Kevin didn't even notice I wasn't there next to him,lol!!

  6. I am glad that you had a great Thanksgiving! You are such a nice wife to let Wayne hunt on Thanksgiving. Josh had to work but it really wasn't that bad because he was able to swing by my mom's for a quick bite to eat.

    You had some great luck shopping on Friday! I did not get up early to shop but still got some great deals. My sister was at Old Navy for 2 1/2 hours all for $15 jeans!

  7. Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend. I love gumbo and your momma's looks delicious!

    Doug did the Black Friday shopping this year without ME. I couldn't see myself in the long lines.

    Yesterday, I asked a clerk @ Walmart how they Black Friday went. She said not too bad, but she did hear of a Walmart having to shut down for a few hours because a BIG fight broke out. They didn't want another incident like last year to happen again.

    My BIL went deer huntin' Saturday & shot a 10 pt. (pretty). The BIL know better than to go huntin' on Thanksgiving. They've learned over the years to stay on the wife's good side, by enduring the Thanksgiving Day pains. lol!

    Have a great week!

  8. Wow that gumbo looks good!