Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Program

As promised...all the fun from yesterday at Alise's Thanksgiving Day Feast.

The video is not long at all. I didn't download all the songs that they sung. Alise is on the second row on the left of the screen next to the taller boy with blue sleeves. See if you can find her.

Turkey Girl at her desk.
Daddy & Turkey Girl
Nana & AliseTurkey Girl & Mommie
Three generations. These are my favorite pics.

The wink.
Alise and her deskmate, Kate.
The Horton's

We had so much fun sharing lunch with Alise at school today. But my heart went out to the children in her class whose parents couldn't make the feast and program. They looked so sad and lost to not have their parents there. I made a promise to myself that I would always be there for Alise and her school activities.


  1. Laura the video is just precious. I love Alise's hat. I am so glad you guys got to go to her school. It is so sad when the parents aren't able to come. I made the same vow to Mary-Kate.

  2. I love tg's hat with the big orange bow sticking out of the middle of it!

  3. Love the 3 generation picture! I know that feeling when you want other children to be happy...

  4. How cute! Alise's hat is so cute...what an adorable little turkey!

    The 3 generation picture is great!

  5. I found her right away. I especially could see her when she bounced a little during the song. I love the head bands. So cute.

    Your mom is a beautiful woman. Good looks just run in your family, I guess. I love the picture of the three ofyou.

    I totally agree with you about being at school functions. I didn't work outside my home until Gretchen was in kindergarten. I was so lucky to have a job where I could attend all the school funcitons and chaperone most everything too. It is so important. We have them such a short time before they are grown and off to college.

    ~hippo hugs~

  6. A is too cute!! And love your BJ jacket!

  7. Too cute! I loved when my parents were able to come to things. If they couldn't be there because of work, my grandparents would come. :)

  8. Alise looks too cute in her little turkey hat!

  9. LOVE the video! She is a super cute little turkey!

  10. Anonymous9:45 PM

    I just LOVE holiday programs at school! Alise did a wonderful job! And I love your family picture :-)

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