Sunday, October 11, 2009

Celebratory Pictures

I couldn't let this weekend go by without posting some celebratory pictures from yesterday morning before church. Congratulations to my Crimson Tide for beating Ole Miss this weekend!! Alise and I had to leave during the third quarter to go to a wedding for a sweet girl that I use to babysit. And for those of you that know me and Bama football, you also know that that sweet girl must've been pretty darn special for me to leave right smack in the middle of a Bama football game!! Ha! We didn't go to the reception, so I couldn't get to the car fast enough to call Wayne to find out who won! So relieved to hear the final score! Roll Tide!!

After the wedding, Alise and I attended a 9 year old girls slumber party at a local hotel. OMG what I have to look forward to!! Alise begged and begged to stay, but there was no way! She got to swim {if you wanna call it that} and hang out with the big girls so she was excited about that! Here is Alise and birthday girl, Madison.

This is a pic of Alise and Madison's little sister, Claudia. Maddie and Claudia's mom, Kelly, was my OB nurse when I delivered Alise, so they are special friends of ours. Unfortunately, Claudia scared us half to death Saturday night. I actually had to step in the hot tub and "save" her - if you wanna call it that. Apparently, Claudia forgot she didn't have her floaties on when she was swimming across the hot tub. She stopped half way and went under. I had to step into the hot tub and get her. Scared us all to death! So I had to wear wet jeans all night Saturday night.

I have been up to my eyeballs all day making 4 dozen horse shoe cookies with royal icing for Grandparent's Day tomorrow. I meant to take pics of my "store-bought-with-love" idea, but I was so tired of icing cookies that I didn't take the time to take pics. However, what I decided to do was buy cupcakes from Walmart and use the cupcake boarders that I referred to here. The BEST idea in the world! I bought 2 dozen cupcakes in lime green, purple and orange icing for $10! The best time saver evah! And I could tell as I was "wrapping" the cupcakes tonight that they are so fresh, too. I hate that I won't be able to make Grandparent's Day to take pics, but they are suppose to have someone there to take professional pics so when they come in, I will scan them and post them here.

We have a very busy week scheduled, so I may not be posting that much. Alise has cheerleading practice all week after school and will dance/cheer at Friday's pep rally and home game that night. Of course, I'll be sporting the video camera. Wayne and I are off on Friday (more about that in another post) so we're both planning on being at the pep rally. Also, since Alise was sick with the stomach bug last week, she missed her first official "big girl" gymnastics class, so this Wednesday will be her first. Looking forward to that. Throw in dance class, walking for me (I didn't walk a single day last week), and our other regular activites and that will be our busy, busy week!

Hope you have a good one!


  1. Both of our times won this week!
    MK was sick this weekend. Coughing and fever. Hopefully she is on the mend. Then I got up Sunday very sick. No fever for me though. I hope we are done with all of that.

  2. Have a wonderful week, sure sounds busy! Enjoy that little girl, as she is sure growing up quickly.

  3. I know how you feel about the wedding. I also had to attend a wedding but luckily they had a TV set up at the reception.

  4. Wow! My head is spinning. Have a wonderful week and try to get a little rest thrown in somewhere.

    ~hippo hugs~