Thursday, October 15, 2009

Big Girl Gymnastics

"Big Girl" gymnastics didn't go very well yesterday. By the end of the class, Alise was telling me that she wasn't going back. Ugh!


My mom picked her up from school and took her so I made it for about the last twenty minutes of class. She was on the beam and doing pretty well. I mean, the beam was waist high {on Wayne - who is 6 feet tall} and she had never been on one that high before. Mom told me that she fell off right before I got there, and Mom could tell that it upset her. But when I saw her, she was doing fine, laughing and clowning around with her friends. She even waved when she saw me.

Next came the head stands and their coach made them draw a huge triangle on their mat and practice by placing their hands at the bottom of the triangle and their head at the top. Alise did pretty well with this, too, although she's no where near mastering a head stand yet.

And lastly, they practiced back over bends and landing on their feet. This is something Alise has never done in her other class, so she needs a little practice with raising her body off the mat and building some more arm muscle.

But I was very pleased with what I saw. It truly is an advanced class and I think this is where she needs to be. Alise needs to be challenged more. And I like her new coach. She is all business let me tell ya!

On the way out the door, I began praising Alise and telling her that she did so wonderful, but before we even got to the car, she told me, "I'm not going back." It just broke my heart. I tried to talk to her about it more in the car on the way to church, but all she would tell me is that the beam was too high and she wanted to go back to the baby room. Ugh! We argued for a while until she made me mad. I finally told her that she signed up for this and told me she wanted to do it, so she was going to finish this semester and that she was not a quitter. If she wanted to quit in January, then that would be fine.

Then, to smooth things over and encourage her even more, we practiced in our bedroom last night! Oh, she LOVED doing round offs/bend overs and trying her head stands on my bed and on the floor. Wayne even showed her how to do a head stand up against our bedroom wall for crying out loud!

So I'm thinking it's just me. I'm thinking she's just saying she wants to give up because she knows that moving up is something I really want her to do. She never actually cried when she said she wasn't going was more like, "I'm independent and I'm not going back." See the difference?

Ugh! The joys of parenting.


  1. I bet she will be just fine!!!!

  2. Maybe she will change her mind. My Mary-Kate shows her independent side too. If I ask her to do something and she doesn't want to, she says, "No thanks." At least she does it with manners, I keep telling myself. This age can be a challenge. It is a battle of wills. I will win.

  3. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Something new is always hard for little ones! It sounds like she is in a very supportive, nurturing environment, so she will be just fine!! How exciting that she is in such an advanced class!!