Saturday, September 19, 2009

RO Homecoming 2009


Alise’s school cheerleading uniform came in just in time for homecoming! It was all I could do to keep her from sleeping in it Thursday night!! So when Friday morning rolled around, I had no problems getting her out of bed to get dressed! She insisted on wearing pigtails and I mentioned wearing royal blue and white polka dot ribbons in her hair. She thought she was something else and my heart just melted to see the beginning of what I hope will be a long career of cheerleading.

Alise insisted that I go to the pep rally since it was Homecoming to the point that she asked her teacher if I could sit with her during it. You have to understand. Alise is very shy about asking people things, so for her to come right out and ask Mrs. Leggett something like that really surprised me. Mrs. Leggett suggested that Alise and I go on over to the gym and wait for her class, which we did. On the way, we ran in to her Big Sis, Madison. They ran into each others’ arms and my heart smiled.

I know one little girl that was completely mesmerized by the whole Homecoming and crowning of the Queen process. She sat beside me with her mouth open the entire time - except for when she commented on the girls’ beautiful dresses. It was a very nice assembly and I was thankful to experience that with my little girl.

To celebrate Homecoming, I made horseshoe sugar cookies with royal icing and put them in clear cellophane bags with stickers that read, “Go Mustangs! From Your Friend Alise” for all of her classmates. They turned out so cute {Even though I still haven’t figured out how to get Wilton’s royal blue icing to turn out royal blue!}!

And then I picked up another little happy for Mrs. Leggett & Ms. Meg – a small gift certificate to a local coffee shop that sells frozen soups and casseroles! The envelopes read, “Happy Homecooking!”

And by the way! Despite all my crafty-ness lately, I am desperately looking for some other Fall ideas for her teachers and classmates. If you have any, please let me know!

By Friday, we were experiencing our tenth day {in a row} of rain so we didn't make it to the football game. Alise was very disappointed because she was really looking forward to running out on the field with Madison. Oh, well. We promised her that we would try our best to go to the next home game in two weeks. We took her to Chic-fil-a instead. You can't go wrong with their nuggets and fruit in her eyes!


  1. Alise looks like a little doll in her cheer outfit. I think the Big Sis program sounds awesome. What a wonderful thing to be apart of. It rained here Friday night, too so we didn't go to the ballgame either. Your cookies turned out fantastic!

  2. Super cute pictures. Let's talk about the rain...geez...we're getting flooded over here in GA. :) Hope you guys dry up soon. :)

    Hope you have a GREAT Sunday!

  3. Ewwww... rain!

    Look at how cute Alise is!!!

  4. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Oh Alise is darling in her cheerleading outfit!! Too cute!! And Laura, you are FAB-U-LOUS with your creative gift ideas!!! Your horseshoe cookie and packaging are fantastic!! I love those stickers you made!!

  5. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I couldn't resist telling Kelly ROLL TIDE!!! Right now we live in Miami, FL so I am a fan from afar.

    Your little girl looked soooo excited about being a cheerleader. I was a cheerleader when I was her age and loved it. Later I joined the band.

  6. OMIGOSH, she is so cute in her cheerleading outfit. Were you a cheerleader? I was. I'm going to look through my mom's pics today and see if I can find a picture.

    As wet as it was here throughout the summer, we haven't had any rain in September. I guess we could switch for a day or two.

    I love the cookies. You are so clever. The gift envelopes are creative also. For the past few years, in our public school, kids can't bring anything homebaked for treats. Everything needs to be store boughten and wrapped in cellophane. Isn't that sad?

    Okay, I've gone on long enough. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures. Have a great day.

    ~hippo hugs~

  7. Alise looks so cute in her cheerleader outfit. You are so sweet to do all those special things for Alise's teachers and classmates. I can't even imagine how much fun you had watching your baby girl take in her 1st Homecoming. It will be such a special memory when you are watching Alise being crowned Homecoming Queen several years down the road!

  8. You are such an overachiever. spelling? A looks too cute & I love the cookies! I may have to steal the idea (but I'll pay someone to do it)!