Monday, September 14, 2009

I Lurve Questions!

Some of you left questions in your comments to my posts from last week so I wanted to be sure to address them here.

Bama Girl in AZ wanted to know what size is Alise? Alise is currently wearing a size 4/5 or "small" in Children's Place/Gap sizes. The dance and gymnastic leotards that I bought about a month ago are size medium only because I didn't want to hafta buy leotards again mid-year. Lived and learned on that one.

Mirya wanted to know if you could freeze boiled shrimp? Yes, you can freeze boiled shrimp {I know I'm answering this question a little late - sorry!}. However, I would have froze them very quickly after our get together on Saturday. Waiting - even after refrigeration - and then freezing would probably not have been good.

Hippo Chick wanted to know what a "pouncer" is? I'm still trying to figure that one out! Leigh texted me back and told me that she thought it was a foam paint brush, too. I haven't bought one yet, but my question came from reading instructions for painting glass ornaments.

Hippo Chick also wanted to know if Alise and Katie are cousins? Yes. They are second cousins.

Semi-Slacker Mom wanted to know what mine & Mirya's shirts said on the back? And the inscription is: "Bama Girls can say anything with class & pride but no words are spoken more classy than ROLL TIDE!!" Ha, ha! Sorry, but you asked!

Julie requested my chicken enchilada recipe. Go here for the recipe. They are wonderful and the Mexican Rice casserole is great, too!

And last, but not least, thank you all for the sweet comments regarding the Cowgirl Cookies. Alise got a huge hug from her principal and sweet notes from her teachers regarding them, so I would say they were a huge hit! I hope they ended up tasting as good as they looked in the jars! Semi-Slacker wanted to know how I did the labels? Well, Miss Bakerella was nice enough to include the pdf file on her post. Wayne printed it for me and instead of using one of those fancy-shmancy thingies that Bakerella used, I just cut out the labels using some "design scissors" that I already had on hand. I thought they turned out just like hers.

Please continue to feel free to ask me any questions. I normally just email you back individually, but it just seemed like there were so many last week that I decided to answer here instead.


  1. I like your q and a, good idea!

  2. You are such a cutie. Thanks for the answers.

    ~hippo hugs~

  3. I love question-and-answer posts. Maybe I'll have to request some questions..

  4. YUM!!! Thank you!! I am so going to try both of those recipes. I hope to try it within the next week and half and I'll let you know!!

    Thank you friend!

    p.s. We were crushed Sam Bradford got hurt but we have a great sub!! I kept reminding Bryan...It's just a game. It's just entertainment. But inside I was disappointed!! :-)

  5. I love your new "look"! I will miss the pink but this feels so good.

  6. What a smart post! And thanks for the info. I may be making some soon! The shirts are cute even though they're about Bama. SIL's BF is a Bama fan too.

  7. I love question and answer posts! You do such a great job!

  8. Anonymous7:26 PM

    What a fun idea!! I just LOVE those cowgirl cookie jars, thanks for letting me know she has the label on her site!