Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hello September!!

Hello, September!

From the reading of everyone’s blogs and Twitter updates, it seems everyone is experiencing a hint of Fall-like weather this week! Isn’t it wonderful?! A very welcomed reprieve from the hot and humidity for this Louisiana Girl! Makes me wanna carve some pumpkins and throw some Taco Soup in the olcrockpot!! Or better yet, watch some Alabama football!! Roll Tide!!!

Which brings me to this question: do you wear white after Labor Day? And more importantly, what are the rules about wearing linen (not white) after Labor Day?

Mama always said white shoes should be worn from Easter Sunday until Labor Day and that’s just something I’ve always tried to abide by. Maybe it’s just a Southern thang. I do hafta say that when I had Alise, I was totally stressing the whole “white shoes issue.” She was a baby and nice Fall shoes weren’t available after Labor Day in her size and it was killing me to put those cute white crotchet sandals on her. Imagine the relief when a friend informed me that it didn’t apply to babies! Whew! And since she’s older, I’ve made the “executive-Mommie decision” that she can also wear white sandals to school after Labor Day because it is still just entirely too hot to wear socks and shoes! So, for me, personally, I won’t be wearing white, but my daughter will still be sporting her white sandals.

Now, as for linen, I’ve never known a “rule” about wearing linen. I have several pairs of linen pants that I wear all the time during the summer for work and I plan to continue to wear them until our first little cold snap. Again. Just a personal thang.

I guess the cooler weather has gone to my head because I’ve started thinking about Halloween costumes, too. Actually, a friend of mine posted her FB status as “Just finished the kids’ Halloween costumes” and that was in August! Girl-has-too-much-time-on-her-hands say what?! So that got me to thinking, “What kind of Halloween costume can I buy my daughter this year?” Buy, of course, being the key word. When I asked Alise, she told me she wanted to be Minnie Mouse. Cool. We have HUGE plans for Halloween this year, but more on that a little closer to the big day!


  1. I have a pair of white ballet flats that I'll wear anytime in the spring and summer. There's just something about white shoes with a colorful top and skirt. The only white dress I have is a summer dress, so there's little risk of my wearing it after Labor Day.

  2. The weather is awesome isn't it?!! I have been trying to get AJ to tell me what he wants to be for Halloween for a month now, but he wont decide! And I never ever wear white shoes after Labor Day!

  3. White after Labor Day is okay for brides, nurses & babies. A's your baby, so she's good! :) I'm lovin' this cool weather. And dreading Hotober.

    I've never made Taco Soup, but I make a killer vegetable beef!

  4. Hi Laura,

    My mom always said white between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Of course, that was before "winter white" came on the scene. As for shoes. I, personally, don't wear white (except my sneakers0 after Labor Day.

    Linen? I've never heard any rules about that. I wear my linen pants as long as I can. In fact, I have a pair of black ones that are lined and I wear them all winter long.

    Haven't had to worry about Halloween costumes for many yearas. WHEW!!

    Have a happy day.

    ~hippo hugs~

  5. Love this post. You and I are so much alike...except for the fact that you are a Bama fan while I am a Gator...but atleast we're both SEC, right?

    I have always tried to follow the Summer White rules, but to be perfectly honest, unless I have a really cute pair of white sandles or some great white KEDs, I'm not much for white shoes.

    As for the Winter White issue...depends on what the Winter White item is.

    Linen...I were it year round. I live in Sunny, FL are we have sunshine almost all year long with just a couple weeks of cold. During the cold periods...I have some great lined Linen items.

    And before I go...you must share the Taco Soup recipe with me.

    (Glad you liked the mention in my last post. I had to make a mention of all my SEC Blogging Buddies. Hugs to you and good luck on the Season. See you at the SEC Championship Game!)

  6. Anonymous7:54 PM

    I NEVER EVER wear white, even before labor day! SAHM syndrome, the boys would have it dirty in a split second,lol! I'm SO excited for Fall! My FAVE season!!

  7. Never too soon to think about Halloween costumes! Oh and no Fall cool-off in AZ yet. I abide by the Summer white rule too - but in AZ for most folks, anything goes!!!

  8. Whelly, I can't help ya there because my mama taught me the same thing.

    BTW, it's suppose to be around 85-87 degrees here with low humdity and a slight chance of rain on Saturday and Sunday.

  9. BTW, according to the rules the ballet class that receives 100% recipes will get a prize. Who knows! I've got some recipes, but I might nose around in yours as well. Tehe!

    Y'all drive careful Friday. Love ya!

  10. The weather has been awesome here too. It was chilly on Sunday. It felt so good. I can't wait to get my fall stuff out. I have been thinking about Halloween too. I bought that Boo bag on Etsy. It was too cute to pass up. MK said she wanted to be a princess until she say a Zebra costume in the one step ahead magazine. That's when I did a say what! I'll ask her again...

  11. It was a definite fall day here today. The sun was shining, but there was a nip in the air. I loved it. September is my favourite month, for that exact reason.

    As far as white goes I used to wear it from May 24 - Labour day. I say used to because now white just ends up with ketchup smears.

  12. i'm with you...i won't really wear white, but my girls do for sure! it has been way too long since i've stopped by...love your "new" look.

    lily just started pk-4 too this week...two days a week...she is loving it! looks like alise is too!