Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Family & Food

On Saturday, we had a fish fry and shrimp boil with Wayne’s family. There was SO much food and it was all delicious! Wayne and Doug did a great job with the frying part and Larry and Mirya did a great job cleaning – ahem! – the shrimp. I thought Aunt Peggy’s Piggly Wiggly onion rings and hush puppies were da bomb and Anthony surprised both me and Mirya with his apple pie culinary skills! Does this look great or what?! More about this awesome thing in a minute.

Katie & Alise just loved and loved on each other when they met.

I absolutely could not WAIT to get my hands on this little man!! Colton was the best baby in the world and he is so pretty – in a boy way, of course. I told my BFF that he almost gave me the baby bug, but not quite. Especially after we decided that we wanted to do another beach trip next summer with Doug & Mirya. This girl does NOT want to be a beached whale on the beach. Literally.

By five o’clock, I was beginning to have an attack of excitement about the game starting and it was music to my ears when Aunt Peggy finally announced to the girls that it was “time for baths so we can watch the game in an hour!” It was the funnest thing – I know that word only exists in my mind – evah to watch the Crimson Tide take on Virginia Tech Saturday night with family! Even Cousin Henry changed out of his Tennessee Titan shirt and hat to grace us with red and white Bama attire! Oh, how I wish I had gotten a picture of all the family huddled around Aunt Peggy and Uncle Millard’s 1,000-inch-high-definition-plasma-screen-20/20-clear-as-me-looking-at-you TV. Priceless.

I won’t go into alota detail about the game itself except to say two things. One, Aunt Peggy had a smaller version of the 1,000-inch-high-definition-plasma-screen-20/20-clear-as-me-looking-at-you TV in her kitchen and there was about a five second time difference between the kitchen TV and the living room TV (kitchen was faster than the living room). So, based on how Bama was playing – and whether or not someone needed to “leave the room before they said something they shouldn’t say at Aunt Peggy’s” – we always had a commentator. Doug liked to holler from the kitchen: “Big play comin’ up! Big play!” Two. Remember the apple pie? Yeah, well, sometime around the second quarter, I couldn’t take the awful playing anymore and so I decided to head into the kitchen and finish off the pie with ice cream. I had LOTS more energy for the second half but with visions of a beached whale playing in my head. Ha!

For our local family that would like to see more pics, you can visit Mirya's blog and her photo site on phanfare.


  1. That apple pie looks divine. Your t-shirts were so cute. That little guy looks so adorable. I know the drive was so worth it hanging out with friends and family.

  2. That pie looks amazing...I'm hungry now! :)

  3. What fun! Yummy looking pie. The little girls are darling together. Are they cousins? The baby is sweet.

    And of course, all you BAMA GIRLS are the bomdiggity.

    ~hippo hugs~

    Oh yes, aprons. It's the only thing I think I might be able to do without screwing up. We'll see.


  4. Anonymous8:03 PM

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cousinc pics. Glad the weekend went well, Laura! You all look so sweet! Such an inviting family...wish I could have crashed--to eat, play, and watch the game. It would have been the best. :o)

  5. Anonymous8:26 PM

    What a gorgeous pie!! I am loving your shirts!! Too cute!! What a wonderful Labor Day weekend you had!!

  6. Yummy food & lots of fun! What do those tees say?