Friday, August 07, 2009

Yeah For Cheerleader Camp!

Another week of summer cheer camp has come and gone and Alise had a BLAST! You can’t really tell it from the video because I think she was a little nervous, but she did so much better this year and actually MOVED! Ha! She has talked about nothing all year but going back to cheer camp at this local high school. However, I think she was a little disappointed to find out the first day that her best bud and padre, Emma, decided to sit the week out.

The first day was “Wear Red Day” so here is Alise with some of the cheerleaders on the steps of the high school.

Let’s see. Then there was “Wacky/Tacky Day” – which Alise totally didn’t get. She still wanted to dress “normally” (HER normal, I might add), but I did get her to wear a ballerina skirt, and some polka dot socks with her new pink sequined shoes, so she was a “little” tacky – from the waist down.

Wednesday was black and gold day and I didn’t get a picture. She wore her camp shirt from last year and black shorts.

On Thursday, she dressed up as a Mermaid for “Super Hero Day.” Don’t ask. I think she would have worn a Superman costume if we’d had one. But my camera was dead, so no picture for Thursday.

And then, today was the grand finale. Here she is with her "Big Sis" for the week, Blake.

I am so proud of my future-Bama cheerleader!! We just gotta get rid of those gold and black colors! Ha!

This week has also been Munchkin Market, which is a local upscale consignment sale that happens about twice a year. I included some clothes last year and netted nearly $400 so I’m hoping for an even better return this year for Alise’s future clothes kiddy. I went to the consignors’ sale on Wednesday (if you consign clothes, you get to shop before the general public) and the line to get in was wrapped around the store!! I did end up finding Alise some really nice things like a pink coat ($8), a pink Kelly’s Kids minky dot 2-piece outfit ($10), and a 2 –piece light blue whale corduroy outfit ($20) with the snowman on the front, which are all now at the dry cleaners. I got a few monogrammed things, a nice Christmas dress with a reindeer applique near the bottom ($15), and a 2 piece Halloween outfit for $5. I was very pleased with my good deals!!

I can’t wait to find out if my own items sold or not.

Not sure how your state fares with immunizations, but Alise is still due a Hepatits A vaccine. When I took her in June for the others, the nurse informed that there was a national shortage on the Hep A vaccine and I’m hearing the same thing this week from friends who are trying to get their own kids’ immunizations. So I called Alise’s school and they said that they certainly wouldn’t kick her out over one shot, but that I still needed to try and get her one as soon as I could.

Alise’s first day at her new school is Wednesday, August 19th. I think she’s ready to go back. She calls her school the “horsie school,” because there is a large picture of a horse (mustang) over the gym and you can see it from the road. Gosh, I’m just praying for a good teacher this year!

And the best news of all? No school supplies! I was beginning to get miffed because I didn’t have a list of school supplies for PreK-4 and since our state’s free sales tax day is today and Saturday, I wanted to take advantage of it. So, I called the school again (I’m sure by now they are tired of hearing from Mrs. Horton…) and was told that all I need to do is cut them a check on Sunday the 16th when we go to find out who her teacher is. Cool. I can live with that.


  1. Oh how I wish our preschool would just have us write a check and already furnish the supplies. I have been on the hunt for a bingo blotter. Still don't know why my 3 year old needs one, but it was on the list. Alise looks so precious in her cheer camp pictures. It looks like she really had a good time.

  2. Ahh August... every parent's favorite month -- Back to school!

  3. Hey Laura,

    The lady that made Mary-Kate's dress was Cathy Squire. It is so cute! I really like it.

    I work in a middle school with 6th and 7th graders. MK's preschool is across the street. Very convenient for me.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Cute pictures!!! Love the cut a check for supplies idea!

  5. What an excellent idea for school supplies! never even heard of it! Tell Alise LSU would love to have her as a cheerleader one day ;)

    Man did I miss the Munchkin sale? Is it over! Crap, I knew I should've wrote it down....ughhh!

  6. Cute!! I love Alise's wacky tacky outfit, too adorable!!