Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There Is No Secret

I got to Alise’s school this morning and had a big surprise!

Apparently, Wayne and I are expecting another baby!

The sad thing is, we don’t even KNOW it yet!

Ms. Meg, who is the teacher’s aid in Alise’s class and also a friend from church, hit me at the door this morning and said, “Your daughter told us something yesterday!” I looked down at Alise and said, “What?” – my mind running through a hundred different things. Alise just had this blank stare on her face.

Meg said, “Hey Alise! Do you remember what you told me yesterday?”

Alise still looked confused.

And then! It was like a light bulb went off and this huge grin spread across her face, but she still wouldn’t spill the beans no matter how much Ms. Meg begged.

Finally, Meg said, “I asked your daughter yesterday if her mommie and daddy were going to have another baby and she told me yes! I was so surprised and I thought that ya’ll were holding out on us!”

Everyone laughed, but I had to inform them that no, indeed, I was not pregnant.

Thank you, God.

I also wanted to point out the fact that my daughter is the best dressed kid in her class. Mrs. Leggett told me today that Alise is “always dressed so cute.” And this is only the 4th day of school!! I must be doing something right! Even if I do have to fight with my daughter every morning about what she is going to wear!

However, I think I have finally nipped that whole little issue in the bud! On Sunday afternoon, I made Alise come with me into her room and pick two outfits that she wanted to wear for the week and then I got to pick two. She could wear those four outfits any day she wanted but she could only choose one out of those four. Friday’s are cheerleading outfit (when it comes in)/RO jumper/pep rally themed days. So far, the plan is working. No fits and no meltdowns. We’ll see how long we can keep this up!

And last but not least, Alise wanted to carry a movie to school today, but I convinced her to carry a book instead. She could at least act like I don’t let her watch TV all the time! Her class is studying the letter “A” this week and this is the book she picked:

A girl after my own heart!


  1. LOVE the new look. It is sooo you! The post is great too. I have to tell you a "Paige" story after reading about Alise's secret.

    When the kids were little I had a habit of saying, "My house is so filthy. It's a pig sty." One day, the first grade teacher said, "We need to clean this room, it's like a pig sty." Paige raised her hand and said, "Miss Amo, my mother's house is filthy. It is such a pig sty that my grandmother is coming to help her clean it." Jim taught in that school and Miss Amo couldn't wait to get to his room at the end of the day. Needless to say, I quit saying my house was filthy.

    Thought you might enjoy this little trip into my past.

    ~hippo hugs~

  2. I got all excited there for a second!
    Love the blog makeover!

  3. What a funny story! Carter did that same thing in Sunday School awhile back. When I walked in to pick him up his teacher asked me if there was anything I wanted to tell her. I was so confused. Finally she told me that Carter told he he was going to have a little brother. It was so funny!

    Great idea with you both picking outfits. I might try that one...he never wears his cute clothes and always wants a boring t-shirt.

  4. LOL at Alise's Book Pick!! So hilarious about what Alise told her teacher. Aidan did the same thing to me last year with his speech teacher. Only he told her he was going to have a new baby sister,lol!! What kids think up is beyond me!! And I love all of Alise's outfits too!!

  5. That is so funny! These kiddos say the cutest things.

  6. Where on earth did Alise come up with ya'll having another baby? Silly girl!

    I like the organizers that have a space for you to lay out the week's clothes.

  7. Too cute ~ Alise wanting a baby brother or sister. Awww, com' on y'all let Alise be a big sister. She would be such a great miss mommy.

    It just goes to show y'all are raising her right. ROLL TIDE!

  8. what a super book for her to take! Sofia and I are doing a similar clothes picking system. On Sundays, we pick for the whole week. Each day I give her two choices (that I pick ha ha) and then she picks from my two choices!!!

  9. Oh and I was super excited for number 2!

  10. The book is PERFECT!!!! I love it!!!!! (You'll appreciate my post for today. I am so ready for football I can hardly stand it!)

    That story is hilarious. You never know what your kids will say, do you? :-)

  11. Ya know, I have had a few mamas tell me the story of the other child foreseeing the new baby! LOL! Watch out, Laura. But that would be fine...we could have one together. We are starting to ttc in a few more months if the world keeps looking up for us. :)