Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our Last Mother/Daughter Hoorah!

This is how Alise and I celebrated our last "Mother/Daughter Day" before the even bigger day tomorrow:

8:00 AM – Headed to Target as soon as they opened – because we could – and got the new Hannah Montana DVD. Alise has been begging for this one. And, yes, I picked up a few other “prizes” while I was there.

9:30 AM - Mommie gets her hair cut and Alise plays with the hairdresser's new six puppies. Hairdresser's daughter is home sick from school with a staph infection. Sure hope it's not contagious!

10:30 AM – Head to the Monogram shop to get some things monogrammed. Bought a new Stephen Jacobs backpack since the princess backpack she picked out earlier is atrocious. Also bought a pillow for naptime at school.

10:30 AM – Stop at Woody's Packing Store to mail Allie & Emma’s photo albums. Ran in to Alise's friend Olivia and the two girls go nuts playing with "Bruce the bulldog" back behind the counter as me and Olivia's grandmother fill out the packing labels for our stuff. Ugh! Way to much squealing going on!

11:30 AM – Fitting for RO cheerleading outfit at the school. I took Alise by her new classroom and she found her desk with her name on it. Ms. Leggett wasn't in her room, so we didn't get to stay and chat like I had hoped. When we got in the car to leave, Alise exclaimed, "Mommie, I love my new school!"

12:30 PM – Lunch at Olive Garden. Mommie was cravin’ some ravin’ pasta after being sick this weekend. I had Capellini Pomodoro and Alise had cheese pizza. She loved dipping the breadsticks in butter!!

1:30 PM – A few rides around the carousel at the mall. To Claire's for Emma's birthday present and quick stops in Gymboree and The Children's Place.

2:00 PM – Stopped off at Michael's for arts and craft supplies.

3:00 PM - Home. Mother and daughter are exhausted. We curled up on the couch and watch "Hannah Montana."



  1. It looks like you girls had a fun day! You got so much done. It feels good to check things off
    T-H-E L-I-S-T. I Alise had a great day tomorrow at school.

  2. I am so tired from my first day I can't write in complete sentences. I meant to say I hope Alise has a great day tomorrow at school.

  3. Sounds like ya'll had a wonderful day. I can't wait to read all about her first day of school.

  4. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Wonderful day!!! I had fun seeing all the "stops."

    Well, after our little glitch, I ended up buying the DVD 1/2 off on Amazon. Can't wait to watch it. :o)

  5. Anonymous8:18 PM

    What a fun day Laura!!!

  6. What a special day you two got to spend with one another! I love having Mommie & Daughter days. So much fun! You'll have to check out our little man's pictures & read about Katie's new boyfriend. Shhh! She doesn't really what a boyfriend is. Plus, you'll have to check out the Bama t-shirts I got from Bama Fever. I didn't hear from you yesterday. If you'd like one of these, I can get it for you.

    Talk to ya later!

  7. What a fun day!!!! She looks so happy!!! Can't wait to hear about how her first day of school went!

  8. What a fun mother-daughter day!

  9. Sounds like a WONDERFUL day (although was this also the Build-a-Bear breakdown day?)

    I hope Alise has a GREAT day today at school!

  10. What a perfect Mother/Daughter Day! I can't wait to hear all about how Alise did at school!

  11. well, what a great day!!!