Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Blog Layout

I wanted to give a shout-out of "thanks" to my bestie blog buddy, Audrey, for being so patient with me and giving my blog a new "do"!  Audrey is the best and I love her design work!  And what's so funny is that although we have never met, she knows me so well...what I like and what I don't like!  So stop by her blog and tell her "hi!" and let her know what a great job she did!  Love you, Audrey!!

We had a very boring uneventful weekend.  The highlight was getting the spare bedroom cleaned out Emma's birthday party on Saturday afternoon.  In the words of my gracious daughter, "Emma is finally four!"
Cyndi made Emma's birthday cake, too, and it was a huge hit. She does such a great job!! One layer was chocolate and the other was strawberry. So good!

Cinderella made a surprise visit and Emma was completely speechless!  When we got in the car, do you know what Alise asked me?  She said, "Mommie, why didn't Mermaid come to MY birthday party?!"  The little heifer!  I said, "Because Mommie and Daddy flew you on an airplane to Cinderella's castle so you could eat lunch at her royal table and have all the Princesses come straight to your table first to wish you a very happy birthday!  And then we went to the  "Bippity Boppity Bootique" so you could be made up just like a princess, too,"  How soon she forgets!  So ungrateful.  All she could say was, "Oh."  I wanted to say, "Duh!!"

On Friday, Alise wore her River Oaks jumper to school for the pep rally and it was a huge hit!  She got so many compliments and everyone has been asking where I got it.  The first morning that we didn't fight over what she was going to wear!  Woo-hoo!!  I think she really enjoyed the pep rally, too.  She told me that the cheerleaders (high school) wore ribbons in their hair (so you know what's coming next) and she didn't know any of the cheers.  But she's been walking around all weekend and everything she says sounds like a cheer.  She is like a sponge just totally soaking everything up!  I can't wait to take her to her first football game!  Since I signed her up for the Big Sis Program, she gets to run out on the field with the cheerleaders during the home football games.  She is going to LOVE that!!  But we're waiting for the weather to cool off some before we attend our first game and sweat so much!

We are planning our trip to Sweet Home Alabama for the long Labor Day weekend and we're getting excited about it!   Wayne wants to plan a big fish fry with his family and Alise can't wait to see Katie.  I can't wait to get my hands on Baby Colton! 

Don't forget about Saturday Show & Sell!


  1. I LOVE the new layout! It's very cute. I need a new one, but can't decide what I want!

  2. Looks like Emma had a fantastic party! Wow! I'm looking at Emma's cake hard. Do ya think I could make that as well? (hmmmm)

    I love the jumper, if only the colors were yellow & black (Cullman Bearcats colors) HA HA! I agree, she is going to love going out on the field w/all the other cheerleaders.

    We're excited to see y'all! I still haven't told Katie yet because she would drive my insane. Wait. . . I'm already there. duh! Colton is such a good baby. So sweet! I think you're going to enjoy Bridge Street - Hunsville. They just opened a "Melting Pot".

    I like the new layout - sweet!

    Y'all drive care, if we don't talk to ya this week. You'll have to check out my blog. The bows, Shannon made for me are so cute. I've got the Bama Fever, "ROLL TIDE"! Love y'all!

  3. I love the new layout! It is very cute! Alise is so cute in her jumper! I bet she will do a great job cheering on the football field. I know you are excited about going home for Labor Day.

  4. Cute pictures!! The girls all look so cute with the princess! It seems that the princess parties are the in thing now!

    Love the new layout!!!! And your cute!

  5. Love the new layout! Just getting a chance to stop by this weekend have been super crazy busy!

  6. cute layout. and what a cute bday party. love the cake - it looks so close to avery's 1st bday party cake!

  7. I love that cake! If Miss Priss and her cheer team make it to nationals we will be at Disney for Pinkie's 5th bday!!!

  8. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Aw, thanks Laura!! Love you too!! You are fun to design for, I had a great time designing it!!! I am loving that Princess Party, and that cake is beautiful!!
    What a fun Labor Day trip! Are you are going to my old stomping grounds, Huntsville?!? Make sure you stop by Greenbrier for me for some Barbeque and Hush Puppies if you get out that way!

  9. LOVE your new layout, very cute!!! Ella has just remembered your Disney post after seeing these Cinderella pics and requested to look at all those pics again. So, here I go searching through your old posts to find it. :)

  10. Your new layout is beautiful! I have been wanted to mix things up a bit but just haven't sat down and decided who and what I want to have done. You know how important decisions about the blog really are!

    You will have to share some pics of the Pep Rallies...that sounds like so much fun!

  11. Love the new look! Alise is precious in her cheer outfit! My sister use to teach at RO years is a great school.

  12. Love the new layout! The colors are great.

  13. I'm loving the new layout! We just visited Disney this past week for the first time with the kiddos. It was fun, but man....oh so stinkin' hot. I'm trying to get everything in order so I can put up a post soon with all the pictures. But -- no princesses for us. LOL!