Sunday, August 09, 2009

(In)Courage, Shoe Frenzy, & "Q"

I want to introduce you to a new site that I think is totally fabulous! I SO needed this little jewel in my life right now! Take a few moments and visit (In)Courage. You will be blessed!
If for some reason the button doesn't work, it's because the official launch to the site isn't until tomorrow, August 10th and the kinks are still being worked out. But I (in)courage you to visit when you have the chance!

How in the world could I walk in a dance store fully intending to buy nothing else BUT ballet shoes and walk out staring at a $141 receipt?

I have lost my mind, people!!

But the black leotard had a pink poodle on it....and the pink skirt that Alise just "had to have" matched perfectly. And there was the new gymnastics outfit and a couple more dance leotards...And then, oh, yeah! The ballet shoes (she can still wear her tap shoes).

I felt totally suckered.

One of the nicest things about the "event" was that Alise got to watch an older girl being fitted for her pointe shoes. She was in awe. She had stars in her eyes. Not sure if it was enough to take her to that level for herself one day (For some reason, I don't see Alise making a career out of dancing, but I could be wrong. I would rather her excel in gymnastics, but whatevah!), but she still thought it was the neatest thing anyway.

From there it was to buy even MORE shoes! These were blue Mary Janes from a local children's specialty shop to wear to school with her smocked dresses and nicer clothes on weekends. I am embarrassed to tell you how much I paid for them so I won't. Let's just say that I don't have a pair of shoes that cost that much! Blue shoes are hard to find, so I "logically" figured that if I spent more for the blue shoes, maybe I could luck out and find black and brown shoes at Target.

I also "logically" told myself that I could count on my Munchkin Market earnings to "pay back" for the shoe buying frenzy. The checks were ready today when I picked my clothes up that didn't sell and I made $316!! Can I get a cha-ching?!

Some friends have opened a bar-b-que joint (you had no idea what that "Q" stood for in my title did you? Ha! That's what Wayne and I call "bar-b-que")in Wayne's hometown which is about 65 miles away from where we live. So late Saturday afternoon, we loaded up in the Tundra (with the DVD player) and headed to "Smokin' O's Bar-b-que" for some good ol' finger-licking-slap-yo-mamma-right-where-it-hurts Q!! I had the delicious brisket and Wayne had a half a pig of ribs. Baby Girl had both. What can I say? She's a pig, too. Poor JC never even got his ribs! His mom and dad were so busy smokin' orders that they forgot. But Funny JC didn't care! He was our entertainment!

Here is a picture of Alise and JC. They have become fast friends and will probably be seeing an awful lot more of each other as they get older and start doing this:
I forgot to post these pictures last week because they were on my blackberry. This is from our trip to Jackson and our visit to Bass Pro. Gosh, I was never so glad to get out of that store! That coon hat covering up that white bow was just a total fashion no-no and nearly sent me on to the Pearly Gates before God intended! How do I explain to Baby Girl that "coon fur" and "smocked" do not even go together in a sentence, much less on a little girl's body? For some reason, while Alise was running all over the store with that coon hat on, I thought of my sweet father-in-law. I just know he was smiling down from Heaven as I chased his Granddaughter all over the store, too.


  1. Ugh, it's SO easy to spend more money than you intend. I'm sure it's much easier with kiddos.

  2. That is a cute post! I buy things like that too and get out of the store just staring at my ticket. I am a sucker for cute clothes and shoes for MK. The coon hat reminded me of hunting with my dad when I was little. He took me coon hunting up until I was in 5th grade. I didn't really enjoy hunting, but I liked spending time with my dad. He also took me fishing too. Alise's, coon hat reminded me of me when I was little. We love bar-be-que at our house too!

  3. I want to see pics of the cute dance stuff!!!!

  4. Well now you are going to have to show us the pictures of those adorable dance outfits you bought! I like to find some logic in my purchases too - usually while explaining this to Josh he blows holes right through it but what's done is done. Ha!

  5. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Alise's dance clothes sound so cute!! Don't feel bad, cute clothes are necessities in my book :-) Love the picture of Alise with her coon skinned cap. My dad would have LOVED to give the boys that to wear, he had one he wore all the time when he was little!

  6. Pointe shoes!!! I had just bought my first pair for class when I was pg with Eli. *sigh* I would love it if Alise went really far in dance. :)