Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Afternoon Ramblings

For the last two days, I have been cravin’ sweets! And I guess if I wanted to play the blame game, I could blame it on our auditors at work because yesterday, they brought in huge trays of donuts, cinnamon rolls, cookies, and cupcakes. I was in “Sugar Heaven.” A co-worker insisted that I share her cinnamon roll, but I refused, and instead dove into the chocolate covered donuts. I ate three bites and threw the remainder away. Yeah, yeah! I know. W-a-i-s-t. That’s exactly what I was thinking, too! Then, today, I started cravin’ chocolate (yet again) and this time decided to feast on a chocolate cupcake with bright yellow icing. I swear, if I had had a little ice-cream to go with that cupcake, I would have died right there in my office! It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed something so good!

And to those of you that were betting against me in my last post – that I wouldn’t be able to wait until Monday night at Open House to speak to Alise’s teacher about how she was doing – yeah, well. You won! I’ll share everything Monday night after Open House.

Today’s pep rally theme was “Backwards.” Yeah, could you see me trying to explain to a 4 year old that she needed to wear her jumper backwards?! As you can guess, it didn’t happen. The good news is that she is already asking to pick out her two outfits for next week. That’s definitely a good sign.

I stalk Big Mama’s blog and I died laughing at the first part of today’s post. Definitely my kind of ‘80’s girl. Imagine today’s designers not even being born yet when we were doing what we did in the ‘80’s.

Alise knows what the “L on the forehead” (for “Loser”) means thanks to “Jackson” in the Hannah Montana movie. Speaking of which, she asked me if she could marry “Oliver” this week. She told me she was going to marry Oliver and then come back and live with me and her Daddy. I told her that I didn’t see that happening.

We are ready to head to Alabama next weekend!! Alise has already been asking when she was going to see Katie! I can’t decide if I want to take off next Friday or not. I would like to attend Alise’s pep rally, but I hate to use a day of PTO when we won’t be able to leave town until around 4:00 anyway. I mean, it’s not like I’ll clean house or anything when I have the entire day to myself! We’re suppose to be having a fish fry with Wayne’s family on Saturday afternoon – before the big Bama v. Virginia Tech game – and I’m thinking about taking some crab dip. His family has never had crab dip the likes of this. It’s our local supermarket’s finest. Ha! Did you really think I was going to make it?

Plans for this weekend: Horton Friday Night Ritual – but hopefully not at Chic-fil-a; Alise and I to a bridal brunch while Wayne is at the camp; maybe the Ice Age movie tomorrow afternoon while Wayne is at the camp; a few errands and a trip to Hobby Lobby while Wayne is at the camp. Do you see a pattern here? And it’s not even hunting season!!


  1. You are too funny. Can't wait to hear what Alise's teacher had to say. Don't think I could pull off a backwards day with MK either. I thought you were making the crab dip. You had me going there. I have had a problem with chocolate myself this week.

  2. Chocolate is amaaaaaaazing! I'm having a fudgepop as I type. Fortunately, it's 1 WW point, so I'm safe. :)