Thursday, August 06, 2009

Butt Bling - Moma's Got New Jeans!

No, this is not a picture of my backside.

But it was as close as I could get to telling you about my newest wardrobe addition.

Moma's got new jeans!!

And it's all courtesy of my man! The best honest-to-goodness "do-these-jeans-make-my-butt-look-big?" answer-er in the world! I wouldn't dream of going jeans shopping with anyone else!

This past weekend, we drove the 70 miles over to Mississippi to help them celebrate their "no sales tax holiday weekend." Well, actually, Wayne was going for a hunter's exhibition, but who cares?

Alise and I shopped while Daddy did his business. When Wayne finally did meet up with us, I asked him to pa-leese go with me into Buckle and help me pick out a new pair of jeans. Honestly, I only own one pair (I don't wear jeans except to Bama football games) and since I've lost some weight since last season, I was really in desperate need of a new pair.

He obliged me and the rest is history. Wayne was kind enough to buy me TWO pairs and one of them nearly brought me to my knees from my 80's childhood with the "cut outs" aka "rips", but I love them. Yeah, I can see me sporting those in church on Sunday evenings! And that's the same pair with the bling-bling on the boo-tay (as Alise says).

Oh, well. I'm too old for people to be looking at my bee-hind, but at least I will be stylin' just the same!


  1. I just found a new pair of jeans too...and they look nothing like "Mom Jeans" either. Love it!

  2. LOVE them!! Their HOT!!!

  3. Yeah! I just love getting a new pair of jeans...they can make you feel so good! I am wanting to get a pair of ripped ones mom never would let me have any and now that they are back in style I can get them myself. Now the hard part is finding a pair that fit just right and make me feel great!

  4. Buckle? Uh oh somebody has some expensive taste! They're realllly cute though! :)

  5. LOL, I'm a jeans addict! Your post is making me want to go shopping :-)

  6. Those are sooo cute! I don't own very many pairs of jeans either. That was so nice of him to get you two pair.

  7. So when do I get to see your new jeans?? Maybe if I would stay

  8. I need some new jeans. Maybe I should look for me some butt bling!
    You go! :)

  9. I like the bling-bling. All I can say is "if you've got baby, flawnt-it!"

    I'm glad to hear that y'all are coming to see us. Katie just got a new sleeping bag, so that'll be great!

    Honestly, I didn't mention the wedding pictures because I didn't think about it. Thank you for the sweet compliment about my work. It makes me feel good that someone likes my work. I love photography!

  10. Those jeans are awesome.

    We are having sales tax holiday this weekend. Went to the outlets yesterday---CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!