Thursday, August 20, 2009

Alise's First Day of Prek-4

So many of you said that you couldn't wait to hear about Alise's first day of Prek-4, so I decided to let you hear it for yourself. Firsthand - at the same time I did.

You may have to turn your volume up because - believe it or not - she gets a little quiet during Mommie's 20 question interview session.

And this is the way Baby Girl woke up this morning: Happy as a Lark and so excited to to go to school. She kept asking me, "Mommie, when is it going to be time for me to go to my new school?"
However, that smile quickly vanished when it was finally time to get ready.
Do you get the feeling that a HUGE meltdown was about to take place? Yep! Welcome to my world!!

I had been telling Alise for the last week that when school started, there would be no more cheer shorts and t-shirts...ya know? The kind of stuff that doesn't match and is allowed to wear to daycare all summer. I showed her the dress that she would wear her first day and had Wayne have a sit-down-come-to-Jesus pep talk with her last night. Bottom line: don't give Mommie any flack in the mornings about what you're going to wear to school.

It was all I could do this morning not to beat my child with my wooden spoon. I gripped that spoon so hard my knuckles went white and I told her between gritted teeth that if she didn't get her BUTT in that bathroom and brush her teeth and put on that stupid dress, I was going to. beat. her.

Thus, the meltdown insued. It lasted until I threatened to call her Daddy at work.

And then little Miss Hyde turned back into Miss Jeckell. Or is it the other way around?

Anyway. Here are the rest of the pictures from our morning.Today was the first day that I ever measured Alise. I had her stand in front of the molding around her closet and wrote on it with a sharpie. She loved this idea.
This picture is becoming tradition. I took one last year in front of the same door with her backpack.
"Wild hair Woman!" I told you see was Miss Hyde!

And this, my friends, is Alise with Mrs. Leggett. Doesn't she look like the sweetest teacher in the world? I just love her. Alise really didn't know what to think about her. She took this picture and then came running back to me. Then Alise practically threw Mrs. Leggett's happy at her and came running back to me again. Such the "moma's girl" to not want to leave me.
Mrs. Leggett took this picture of me and Alise. Can you believe this was taken one hour post-meltdown? Ha! I did really well with my emotions. I nearly lost it when I walked Alise into her classroom. But her teacher was great and I loved that she knew Alise's name already. I pulled myself together and we played together with play-dough for a while. I was good, though. I walked out of the classroom at 8:00 - after all the other parents were gone. Alise started to get a little clingy, but Mrs. Leggett walked over and started talking to her. I guess she was okay because she said in the video that she didn't cry. However, when I got back to the car, the tears started to flow and I missed my little Miss Hyde so much!!
This was the last picture I took right before I left the classroom. Alise seemed so happy. I am so proud of her!

Whew! Looks like we made it!!


  1. I just LOVE your video of Alise!!! She's just adorable when she is describing her first day!!! Great pictures too Laura!! Glad you made it through today :-)

  2. LOVE the video love her sweet little voice and you sound so sweet!!! Sounds like she had a gerat day!!! Love her dress too!

  3. I can't get the video to work! My silly computer!! I thought about you all day!

    How neat to see Barry and Amy in the last picture too! Maybe Will and Alise will get to be buddies!

  4. It sounds like she likes pre-k 4! Things will get easier. Every single day is a little easier than the one before. :)

  5. The video is so cute. It was funny that she didn't think naps were fun. Mary-Kate doesn't either. MK has been so excited about her new class. Alise looks beautiful in her little dress. I know how you feel about the emotions. I cried when I dropped MK off too.

  6. Alise's video cracked me up! And Wayne in the background aging it on. That's exactly what Doug would say. Laura - I've always thought Alise favored you, but I could see a little Wayne in there. Girl- I've got to say, that little Wayne is out. She is you all over. So precious! I can't want to see y'all. Katie really misses her cousin Alise, so much. I haven't even told her that y'all were coming, so she wouldn't give me a headache.

    You crack me up about the wooden spoon. So FUNNY! But you what, it is so true! There are days, when I catch myself arguing with Katie. Finally, I'll ask myself if I'm debating a matter with a 4 year old. I have to practicely have to slap myself back into reality. Doug thinks it's hilarious how we beker at one another. Katie thinks everything is up for debate when it comes to what she wants versus her needs. Bring the spoon with you, I may need it!

  7. BTW, I'm so glad she had a wonderful first day. Give her a big hug and kiss for me. Tell her when we see her that Aunt Mi and Cuz'n Katie has a surprise for her.

    Love ya!

  8. What a doll! I love the dress. Pinkie has a very similar one to wear for her first day!

  9. she looks precious!! Where do you get all of her smocked dresses>

  10. Yay! So glad the morning went (mostly) well haha!!! She looked precious and I am sure she is going to LOVE school:)

  11. ADORABLE!! Thanks for sharing!

    Yeah River Oaks Mustangs!!

  12. This just melted my heart, Laura. Your baby is so sweet! I wanted to squeeze Alise in that picture with the backpack that is half her size. They are just babes for a fleeting moment. That is the bittersweet journey of mommyhood. Love you!

  13. Oh so sweet!!! Loved the video and all the pics are great too. Alise remembered ALOT about her first day! Glad she is loving it! :)

  14. Oh gosh, I know that had to be hard. At least every day gets easier now, right?!

  15. Didn't I tell you it would be okay? I'm proud of you both.

    ~hippo hugs~

  16. I just love that you had the idea to let Alise TELL us about her day! She is so cute! I love both of your accents...I have always wanted a Southern accent. I am so glad that you both had a great day!

    We have the hardest time getting Carter ready in the mornings - I am learning how to give him the control over what he wears and it is so hard. I want him to wear cute outfits and he wants to wear Star Wars shirts with jean shorts all the time. It does make mornings a bit easier.

  17. What a sweet video! And it was neat to hear your voice. Now I have a sweet southern drawl to put with your pretty face!

    I love Alise's smocked dress. I am all about the smocked clothing for school. Now that Mary Ashley is in kindergarten, she is starting to give me a little trouble about smocked dresses and - gasp - hairbows! Her best friend and classmate Emma Kate dresses the same way, though, and I told her mom that we should unite to keep them in smocking and hairbows through K. Maybe it is working; Mary Ashley actually asked to wear a smocked dress this morning instead of the more casual smocked capri outfit I had planned for her to wear!

  18. Hello, Miss Alise! You were so pretty on your first day! :)

    Laura, I about died reading your spoon story. I am so glad that I am not the only one who has to grit teeth and tell their kids to just suck it up! LOL!