Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Brush With Fame

Before we spent our first and last Saturday night in New York on top a double decker tour bus for the lighted city tour, Leigh and I decided to try the Yankee version of Mexican cuisine at a restaurant adjacent from our hotel on 48th Street called Sombrero’s. I mean, who can mess up chips and salsa, right?

While we were waiting for our food to arrive – appetizers of quesadillas and nachos – I told you we were cheap - Leigh looks at me and in her very quiet voice whispers, “Okay….don’t freak out….”

Whell! You don’t just say that to moi!


What do I do?

I start freaking out!!

My hands get sweaty and I can utterly feel the hives creeping up my neck! I get nauseous and for the first time evah, I think what a great idea it would be to throw up in my Vera Bradley hipster instead of making a dash to the so-called nearest bathroom that I have no idea where it is located anyway! My yellow box flip flops won’t stay on my feet because by now my feet are sweating, too. The thought of “did I shave my legs this morning?” pops in my head and then quickly vanishes when I begin to hyperventilate and feel what I know are severe chest pains. Or is it a migraine? And where is that waiter with some more water for my cotton mouth?

My first words: “OH MY GOD!! Where is he?! Where is Matthew McConaghey?!?!”

I just KNEW he was in sight.

Leigh just giggles and said, “No-o-o-o” as in sorry-to-disappoint-you-BFF and continued, “Don’t turn around, but I think that is Tyne Daly sitting behind you in the corner.”

Rule of thumb: don’t tell me not to do something. I couldn’t turn around fast enough!

Yep! That was her! The tough cop Mary Beth Cagney half of “Cagney & Lacey” (the show I grew up watching in the ‘80’s). Alice Henderson in “Catherine Marshall’s Christy.” Maxine Gray in “Judging Amy.”

My new favorite actress in this WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!! Matthew – who?!

I wish I had a tape recording of mine and Leigh’s conversation for the next fifteen minutes. It had to be anything but hilarious. Of course we were in New York and of course we thought about seeing somebody famous, but that’s as far as our Southern Belle minds thought. Actually getting up out of our seats, leaving our table and walking up to a movie star? Never.

The waiting of “what should we do?” lasted forever. The waiter brought Tyne and her company their food. Leigh and I continued to sit.

Finally, I said, “Text Brad. Ask him what we should do?” Brad. The “genius” out of all of us text back and said, “Go for it!”

We still couldn’t get out of our seats. The waiter still had not brought us the check, so we had an excuse. I finally told Leigh, “What do we have to loose? The absolute worst thing she could do was be ugly to us and refuse an autograph. So what?”

We still sat.

Leigh said, “I don’t have anything for her to write on!” That’s when I suggested our handy dandy city maps! Bingo! Leigh had a pen!

We still sat.

And then! In all her glory, my BFF pulled her chair from the table and got up. My mouth dropped. Leigh was taking initiative? So unlike her! She must really want that autograph bad!!

So, then! I got up! Toting my camera of course!

We walked over to Tyne’s table and the next words out of Leigh’s mouth totally cracked me up and I know I would have given a robust cackle out loud if I hadn’t been shaking like a leaf, “I’m sorry to interrupt, but could I please have your autograph? I’m one of your biggest fans!!”

Ha, ha, ha, ha! I wanted to punch Leigh in the ribs with my elbow, but all I could muster was a meek, “Me too!!”

Tyne was very nice and – in Leigh’s words – “gracious.” She signed our maps – spelling Leigh’s name right on the first try – and asked where we were from and told us to enjoy our stay. And when I asked for a picture – much to our disappointment – she ran her hands through her hair and simply said, “Ya know what? You’re going to hafta forgive me, but I’m not on tonight.” Hey, she looked good to me, but Leigh and I minded our southern manners and said, “Oh, that’s fine. We understand.” We said good bye and walked back to our table.

We were SO proud of ourselves. We stood outside the restaurant next to a flower stand for nearly ten minutes just staring at the autograph on our city maps.


The next morning, we managed to get lost in Central Park, but I was watching every shirtless man that ran by us just knowing that Mr. McConaghey was somewhere to be found. It was “my turn” to find someone famous, but unfortunately, I was thoroughly disappointed.



  1. How exciting! This sounds like it was a great trip. Kudos to your husband for giving you this great girl time!

  2. That is so exciting! I probably wouldn't have been able to muster up the courage. Good for you guys!

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  4. Never watched the older shows she was in, but I was a regular Judging Amy viewer. I loved her in that. Hard to believe she's the sister of the guy from "Wings".

    I'm so jealous! We kept our eyes peeled too, and thought we saw Judith Light at one point, but it wasn't her. Maybe next time!!

  5. OMIGOSH! YOu are just too cute. I'm still watching for my picture.

    ~hippo hugs~

  6. I can't believe it! How exciting! I am so proud of you girls for going up and talking to her. I bet it made her day too.

  7. Anonymous5:23 PM

    This post was cracking me up! You're hilarious!! How exciting Laura!!!! I totally would have gone for it too!!!! She sounds pretty sweet!!

  8. What FUN we had!! I still can't believe I went first.....lol

  9. I am cracking up over here! I love it!