Saturday, July 04, 2009

Martha Stewart is my new BFF!

Here are the pictures - as promised - from my royal icing endeavor. And let me just say that "Martha Rocks!" Ha! Alise helped me make the first batch on Wednesday night and I took them to work on Thursday. My employees and co-workers gobbled them up! Here is a "presentation picture." Notice my red, white, and blue candy molds. I did those, too. Also, Alise insisted that we do one blue cookies with "stars." I thought polka dots would look better!

And THIS, my friends, is the second batch of sugar cookies with royal icing. I really like the outlining. It seems to set the cookie and makes the color a little more vibrant {more on that in minute}. However, I did learn that I like "outlining" after I've "flooded" the cookie and not before. It just seems easier that way. I admit that I got a little lazy by this time (morning of July 4th) and decided to just outline the cookies with the left over white icing instead of dying more red and blue icing. I used ziplock bags to outline. This batch of royal icing turned out a little stiffer (I added more powdered sugar until I got a little thicker consistency) and the icing did not run as bad as in the first batch. I also added a little almond extract for flavoring.

This last picture is of three cookies that I outlined before flooding the rest of the icing. A little runny, but it may be because I used leftover icing from the first project. Alise thought these were her cookies because, well, she is, after all, four!
I LOVE this icing! And I have so many plans for making these cookies in the future for Alise's school parties and such. This is the first time in a long while that I've just wanted to "play" in the kitchen. No more icing in a plastic container for me!! I've been looking for all sorts of cookies cutters online. If anyone knows where I can get a horseshoe cookie cutter for cheap, let me know!! only question or "complaint" would be that the color seems to fade. I am using the paste for dying the colors, but the red looks more like pink and after the icing sets, it seems to "fade" and loose the "shininess"?

Does anyone have suggestions?


  1. Anonymous8:27 AM

    These cookies are fabulous Laura!!! You've inspired me to try something like this, maybe around Christmas so I have time to work up to it,lol!

  2. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Very cute cookies!!!!

  3. Do you have a Michael's near you? I always find that they have the best selection of cookie cutters.

    I made a 4th-themed cake (blog about it later) and used the Wilton red food coloring. It's kind of a gel colorant and it made the icing very red.

  4. Hobby Lobby use to sell buckets full of different cookie cutter, including letters. Look in the baking/cake section.

    As far as the food coloring, I like to use Wilton's color paste. It's good about being true to color and the more drops you add the more intense the color seems to be.

  5. Your cookies turned out great! I will have to try that recipe next time...I am sure that it is MUCH better than the icing from the containers that I cheated with!

  6. I tried to make some royal icing once, but it was without the meringue powder--they didn't set up at all. I am going to follow Martha's directions next time!

  7. I am going to have to try this...I am always loving new recipes (especially for sweets!).

  8. You are such a Martha! I LOVE royal icing!