Tuesday, July 28, 2009

If You've Seen An Episode of This....

Then you’ve seen the Horton’s!!

Wayne and I love the show, “King of Queens!” We probably started watching it a year after the pilot season and it quickly became a Monday night favorite for us. At the time, we were childless and Wayne worked later than he does now. So by the time he got home, I had dinner fixed and we would watch “King” together and laugh our butts off!! It’s like the show’s writers were peeping through our windows and writing about us!

Last week was Wayne’s 40th birthday and I got him the complete DVD set of “King of Queens.” So every night for the past week, after Baby Girl goes to bed, we’ve been watching old episodes and finding ourselves still laughing hysterically! We’re still on the first disc, but I am beginning to see some similarities between the Heffernan's and the Horton’s.

Here are the top 15 things we have in common with Doug and Carrie Heffernan:

1. Both our last names begin with the letter H. I like the last name “Horton” much better.

2. We (the Horton’s) have good friends named Doug and Carrie.

3. We both live in tiny houses, although ours isn’t a two story. But I’m hoping our luck is about to change in that category.

4. Doug works for RPS; Wayne works for UPS. They both drive brown trucks.

5. Wayne wears brown every day; Doug wears brown every day. They both refuse to tuck in their shirts.

6. We both have a “pizza joint” right down the road from our house.

7. Wayne is just as crazy as Doug with all his antics and shenanigans. I mean, watching Doug on TV is like looking at a shorter version of Wayne minus the mustache.

8. I – on the other hand - am not quite as sarcastic as Carrie, but I am the practical one in our family. Minus the sarcasm and that Brooklyn/Queens accent, Carrie and I are a lot alike in personality!

9. Carrie is a professional and so am I.

10. The Heffernan’s have a queen size bed and so do we!

11. Wayne and I also have a “live-in relative” that can be pretty obnoxious and screams and hollers when she wants to, too! Oh, and did I leave out demanding, too?

12. We like to go out to eat, go to the movies, and pal around with our friends. And let’s just say that the Hefernin and Horton friends have a lot in common, too!

13. Wayne also lives in his plaid flannel shirts during hunting season.

14. Both Doug and Wayne are huge football fans.

15. We like to kiss and make up, too, just like the Heffernan’s.

I love to hear Wayne sing the show’s song to me. The last line says, “…Baby, all my life I will be drivin’ home to you.”

And that’s when I say, “Yep! You just keep racin’ the big, brown truck!” (a quip from our NASCAR days when we would pull for the UPS car on Sunday afternoons. That was in our childless days, too. I think I see a pattern here!).



  1. That's too cute. Andy and I feel the same way about "Everybody loves Raymond"...we are sooooo Ray and Debra!

  2. I am laughing so hard! That was the cutest comparison. That is one of our favorite shows too. Thanks for thinking of me today. It was a sad day, but at the same time I got so tickled thinking about funny memories.

  3. that is such a sweet story - and I love that show!!

  4. Anonymous12:41 AM

    I love The King of Queens. I was so sad when it went off the air!

  5. I am cracking up in tears here! You guys are THEM! LOL! We love the show! :)

    Matthew and I related to Mad about you when it came on. :)

  6. Such a cute post! That show makes me giggle!


  7. That was such a fun post! That show is so funny...I love catching the reruns.

  8. I love this show too. I can't believe you have so much in common with them.

  9. Hey! Laura, this post was cracking me up! I was catching up on some blog reading last night. Your blog was the first that Adam has read (besides ours) and we were just cracking up together. We love that show too!!!!

  10. Love that show!! Doug and Carrie totally remind me of my hubby and myself. ha ha
    Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my give away! Good luck! :)

  11. How funny was this!!! I love that show, but I'll never watch it the same way again.

  12. We LOVE this show too! That was so funny to read - all of the comparisons.