Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hello, My Name Is Laura...

…and I’m an Etsy-holic.

I’ve been livin’ on Etsy Street for the last few weeks….buying and looking, looking and buying. Of course, everything I’ve bought is for one particular four year old who would prefer to live on “Easy Street.” Ha! What am I saying? She already does!

Since Alise won’t be required to wear uniforms this year to her new school (She is so happy about that, but I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing?!), I’ve been looking for some unique dresses, jumpers, and appliqués to sew on t-shirts and things like that. Most of the things I’ve been looking at are for Fall and Christmas. But Wayne wanted me to find a Bama Jumper for her and I actually found someone who lives in Baton Rouge. She makes LSU outfits and I asked if she could make a Bama jumper and she said, “Sure.” I also found someone to make Alise a River Oaks jumper in her school colors with a mustang on the front. Maybe I’m just being snooty, but I like for Alise’s wardrobe to be a little “different.” And I really don’t know what my hang up is with jumpers besides the fact that I think they look so cute with tights and a turtleneck or nice blouse underneath.

So I thought I would share a few of my new favorite stores on Etsy. Enjoy!

Sunny Day Tags was the first Etsy store that I ever purchased from. I love all of Kori’s cutesy designs and she is so easy to work with. She has just about everything imaginable including backpack tags, enclosure cards and labels. I bought the school envelopes in the pink polka dot and they were a huge hit with her teacher. Everyone at school wanted to know where I had gotten them. I’ve also ordered gift enclosure cards and mothers’ calling cards and I have always been pleased with everything.

I ordered Alise’s zebra dress with the lime green ribbons from All That Jazz Designs. I only paid $12 (not including shipping) and I was very happy with it. Check out this store for more amazing pillowcase design dresses.

I purchased Alise’s mod peasant dress from Libby Lu’s Boutique. I love her fabric designs and peasant dresses are so IN. I’m considering buying a long sleeved peasant dress for the fall. The owner was very nice and responded to my emails and questions very quickly.

Just when I thought I was through buying summer dresses, I found the prettiest sundress on Ginger Louise in white with pink roses. Alise has worn it several times for professional pictures (to be posted soon) and it is such a sweet version of the old-style sundress that I use to wear. The seller was very accommodating. When I found the dress, we were having pictures taken the next weekend and she was able to ship the dress from New York in time for me to have it for the photo session. I was thrilled!

I just ordered Taylor the Turkey appliquéd t-shirt in pink long sleeved from Lollipops N Lemondrops. Pink at Thanksgiving ROCKS!

I just ordered a brown turkey jumper from Molly’s Custom Designs. Very cute designs. Hurry and visit her store because all her dresses are on sale through July 31st.

Sophia Grace has got some really cute appliqués.

Adorable Me Boutique is the seller from Baton Rouge who agreed to make the Bama dress for me. Check out her game day designs for your favorite team.

Elle Bows and More has got the cutest crocheted hair pieces. I haven’t bought anything yet, but I intend to.

What are your favorite Etsy store or sites?


  1. You do like Esty. I have looked around but never bought anything. I think if I had a little girl I wouldn't be able to resist!

    How do you like your Mommy Cards. Do you use them often? I asked my sister about making some for me (she is a Graphic Designer) and she totally laughed at me!

  2. I need to look around on Etsy. I like for Mary-Kate to be dressed cute too. I like her to wear unique things too. I have ordered some things from Kelly's Kids and

  3. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Maybe we can go to detox together?!? I love Libby Lu's too! Ruby is very sweet to work with! I also like sugarlocks.

  4. You already know I love me some Etsy! I feel the same way about Sofia's wardrobe. Of course this year she has more Gymboree than ever but well, out here in AZ I can't get away with making her smocked every day!!

  5. Anonymous6:09 PM

    I've found a lot of cute things on Etsy!

  6. I love Etsy! My friend has an Etsy store and makes hairbows.

  7. I can't wait to check our your fave etsy stores! I look around on there alot, have bought a couple of things, but usually just get overwhelmed with all the choices and click the red x. :)

  8. I know if I had a girl I'd be hooked to! I am passing on the One Lovely Blog Award to you..come on over and get it when you can!

  9. I am going to have to take a look! I am trying to get an Etsy shop up and going for my craft things! I esp. am going to have to look at the BAMA jumper!

  10. I'm a wee bit behind on my blog reading, but all I have to say here is "Darn you, Laura!" I don't need anything more to feed my own addiction :)