Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football?!

Alise starting cheer camp this week has only put me in the mood for this:

Alabama football Pictures, Images and Photos

I am SO ready for football season!! I am ready for some power-hitting SEC football! But more specifically, I am ready for some Alabama Crimson Tide football!

I've missed Kurt Herbsteit. There. I've said it. Even though I had completely written him off last season when he picked Florida over my beloved Bama to win the SEC Championship. He was right.

But what can I say? It’s a new season. I can forgive and forget.

We usually make several trips to Tuscaloosa during the season for games. It’s about a 4.5 hour drive for us. And trust me, by then, I’m ready to run out of that car! I’m not a good road trip person. I’d rather fly. There’s no way I can get a ticket from Monroe to Tuscaloosa. Trust me, I’ve tried. But the next time Coach Saban is in town recruiting our fine men from my high school ala mater, I’m gonna ask him to send over the Bama Jet. Just for me. Flyin’ High with the Tide! Okay. Maybe Wayne, too. But I digress.

So we always drive to Tuscaloosa and Wayne makes up for the road trip by taking me to the Longhorn Steak House across from University Mall. That little piece of Heaven can make up for anything! As long as we don’t stay in the shady Days Inn again! Yep! And Alise was with us, that perilous night, too! Who knew Tuscaloosa had shady hotels? Wayne was just trying to go cheap and we paid for it that night!

I’m digressing again.

My whole point to this post is to say that we won’t be attending as many games this season. Heck, we may not even make it into Bryant-Denny Stadium at all! I’m nearly devastated. The only game – not plural – just ONE game – that we have tickets for is the Ole Miss v. Bama game at Oxford and we don’t even have those tickets yet! Yep! They took our money but we don’t have tickets! Is that a Rebel for you or what?! Besides, I’m not a fan of the Ole Miss Stadium anyway. Too much “confederacy” going on if you know what I mean.

So, I’ve been telling Wayne all summer that I want to go to Bama v. Tennessee game. It’s a home game and he’s trying to get tickets to that one. We’re hoping our LSU “connections” will come through for us with tickets to that big game and every single time I merely suggest just driving over to T-Town on game day and buying tickets from scalpers, Wayne just gives me “the look.” Bad idea, I guess.

The second point to this post is that it hit me last week at work that Alabama’s first home game was Labor Day weekend. The PERFECT opportunity with the 3-day weekend to head over to T-Town, hang out, go to the game, and maybe see some family from Cullman.

So I called Wayne up to tell him my great idea and he said that Bama played at the Georgia Dome.

In Atlanta.

Against Viginia Tech.

Oh, yeah! Right. I knew that. Being the fan that I am.

So then I asked him if we could go to Atlanta and he quickly informed me that tickets were like $500 bucks a piece.


Looks like the Horton’s may be staying home for that game, too.

And watching it from our fine, turn-the-tv-on-and-wait-ten-seconds 36-inch, bubble-screen Sony television.

Maybe I’ll pop some popcorn and spill my Diet Coke on my Alabama purse. And then I can send Wayne into the kitchen to whip up some Nachos and parch peanuts and we’ll call it a game!



  1. I think since you will not be spending money on tickets and travel maybe you need to buy new big screen television???

  2. Better yet, come on over to "God's Country" that way you'll have that BAMA FEEL. We'll have a BIG fish fry @ our house, with other family members, & we'll all sit down in front of a 42" wide screen HDTV & watch BAMA beat the snot out of Virgina Tech.


  3. I know how you feel. We used to have season razorback tickets, but we let them go. Now you can't get any except for expensive, expensive ones. I don't think we will be able to go to a game either and it isn't much of a car trip. About and hour and a 1/2.

  4. I hope for your sake, and Wayne's, that you get to go to some games. :) I, myself, could care less about football. Heck...baseball for that matter. We're not a "sports-watching" family. I like to play...just not watch. :)

  5. I love that you guys are such die hard Bama fans. We have never been to a big University game - it sounds like a blast. We normally just hit up our University in town to get our football fix...it is so much fun!

  6. Well the LSU fans are ready and roarin too! And please don't mention Saban because I throw up a little in my mouth every time I hear his ugly name. He needs to stay AWAY from "our" boys. HA!

    Okay, sorry, but I couldn't resist!

  7. Ya'll can stay with us about 1.5 hrs. away & save some $$$! :)

  8. Love your Bama Collage!! I agree, a big HDTV would make you feel a bit better I think,lol.

  9. I wish we lived closer to Columbia, MO so that we could have season tickets for our beloved Tigers.

  10. Anonymous9:28 PM

    I would love a 55in hdtv but Laura want buy me one. Just kidding we have to sell one of our houses lst then we move up to the hdtv tvs.

  11. I am so ready for some SEC Football! I love all the games and cheer for every team...but y'all know that my heart bleeds Orange & Blue for my beloved Gators!

    The long wait is almost over and the grid iron is in sight!

    You can always visit me in Sunny, FL. Wear your Bama cloths and we'll wear our Gator cloths...and we can agree to disagree.

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