Monday, June 15, 2009

Singing Sensation

Forgot to mention that Alise got caught singing Taylor Swift’s, Love Story, in Sunday School yesterday! Her teacher told me that she was doing a pretty good job of belting out about “Romeo and Juliet” when one of the other little girls tattled, “Alise is singing Taylor Swift!!” I was mortified! Her teacher just laughed and said, “Oh, don’t worry. They all know Taylor Swift” like she was their best friend or something! I was like, “Not in church!! She’s suppose to be singing “Jesus Loves Me” and “This Little Light of Mine”!!

Oh, her little light has been shining alright!

When I told Wayne about it, he said it was all my fault because I bought Taylor’s latest CD and I let Alise listen to it while we’re in the car.

Then! That same afternoon, I heard her hollering, “Who let the dogs out?!” I couldn’t believe my ears! When I asked Alise where she had heard that song, she couldn’t tell me. I told her, “Child, that song came out before you were even born! Who taught you that song?” Again, she couldn’t tell me.

So last night, on the way to Walmart, Wayne informed me that he heard Alise singing the new Black Eyed Peas song, too. I didn’t even know there was a group named the Black Eyed Peas!! That just goes to show you how out of touch I am with reality! There’s probably a group out now called BLT, too. I digress. So on our way home, what came on the radio but the Pea song and here goes Alise half mumbling, half humming, and gyrating her head to the words to that awful, stupid song!

I don’t know where she’s picking up on all this music. When she’s with me, we never listen to the radio. It’s either Hannah Montana, the Mamma Mia soundtrack, or a book on CD from the library. Okay, well, yeah, there’s the Taylor Swift CD, too, but we don’t listen to it all the time! Thank goodness I didn’t pull out my Kelly Clarkson CD! Now, her daddy on the other hand…listens to the radio or his ipod with his own crazy music so I think if she’s hearing anything these days, it’s from him!! Moma is not to blame for this one!



  1. Ok - Who let the dogs out -- has she seen the move Hotel for Dogs? That song is in that movie. Sofia sings that Taylor Swift song too.

  2. I love hearing little kids sing!

  3. Anonymous7:44 PM

    LOL--too cute! Wait until Alise's heart falls for the three Jo Bros and the bonus Jonas. Life will never, ever be the same. They grow so fast!!

  4. LOL! That's funny. Yeah...we have to be careful, too. We listen to a lot of Laurie Berkner. LOL! Thankfully, DS#1 likes the Contemporary Christian songs, too...he'll belt those out from time to time. LOL!

  5. Carter is quite the little singer too. He like the Taylor Swift song know as "The Pickup Truck Song" at our house. He just belts it out and it is so funny!

  6. They're always listening aren't they?! My daughter loves music too. We got her a couple of the "Pure Energy" Cd's from the Christian bookstore and we let her play them while she is cleaning her room, etc. She LOVES them!

  7. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Ha ha!! Aidan and Evan have been belting out "Boom, Boom, Pow" the Black Eyed Peas song. They just heard it once when I was flipping channels and it was on the Today show. Kids have ridiculous memories,lol.

  8. LOL...I actually do listen to my new Kelly C CD in the car, but I have to be careful because Sydney has been known to sing along to "My Life Would Suck without You." LOL

    Taylor Swift seems sweet and she could do worse!! :-)

  9. Cole has been singing "who let the dogs out" too and I have no clue where he heard it! I keep asking him but he just says "i don't know".

    And Bella is always singing Hannah Montana, esp since I took her to see the movie. Bad me! And I know it's bad when we're driving somewhere and I find myself singing along with them to HM.

  10. Funny!!

    It could be worse than Taylor Swift--honestly, I sometimes play it to calm DD down (she heard it a LOT when I was pregnant).

    The daughter of one of DH's friends sings some song that goes--"dangerous, so dangerous, that girl is a bad girl, bad girl". I don't know who sings it and I don't really want to!

  11. Remy is MY Alise! I have to watch him! We listen to christian radio all the time. But let him here one crazy "normal" song and he will belt it out for everyone...and in CHURCH! I can recall him singing "Pink" by aerosmith...."Pink is the color of passion..." Mortified...I so understand! HEE HEE. He had only heard that like ONCE!

  12. They pick up on stuff SO fast! It amazes me all the time! It's really funny though! =)