Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Getting My Red, White & Blue On

I don't know why I am so excited about 4th of July this year? Especially with the weather being so awfully hot! But my brother and his family are coming in for the weekend and my parents are pulling out all the stops for a great backyard family bar-b-que and fun!

I have to admit that seeing all the flags flying at this time of year gives me such a sense of patriotism and the overwhelming joy of being an American. We are so blessed to live in America and I personally salute those that have chosen - and continue to choose - to fight for the very freedoms we so richly enjoy.

I've kinda been in a "creative" mood lately - don't know the reason for that, either, because I don't consider myself a very "creative" person. But I thought I'd share a few of my "projects" with you, anyway, so hopefully, if you don't already have your 4th of July mojo on, you'll whip it out in time to celebrate this weekend!
This is a pic of a little decorating I did to our mailbox. We don't have a phoo-phoo mailbox and since we changed the shutters out on our house a few years ago, I no longer have a place or holder for our flag (that holder was attached to the old shutters). I wanted to "show off" to our neighbors that - yes, I AM a proud American - and so I decided to decorate our mailbox this year. Nothing fancy. Just a few things I picked up at Michael's a few weeks ago. I did it all in about fifteen minutes! I hope it brought a smile to our mail lady's face! {Don't ask me what that is all over our mailbox!}
This next project was something that I saw on a new blog that I am "stalking." I just loved this project and Alise can't WAIT to get her hands on these little firecrackers!

I was able to find some coordinating 4th of July scrapbooking paper and guess how surprised I was when I got home and saw that the paper was double sided! Instead of searching all over the house for my glue gun - because truly only God Himself knows where it is - I went the cheap and easy route by just using scotch tape.

These were SO easy to make - I was able to get these finished one evening while Alise was at cheer camp. The only thing I wish I had done differently was to get a little wider red and blue ribbon. And I probably need to go back and cut a little of the ribbon off so that it stands up a little more and look more "fire crackery" {ha!}, but I was so excited to have them finished that I just went ahead and snapped the picture!

I plan for Alise to help me in the kitchen later this week to make and decorate sugar cookies in the shape of stars for our family get-together. Right now I'm looking for a really good recipe for icing. Does anyone have any ideas?

Get your 4th of July mojo on and CELEBRATE!!


  1. I posted my "Royal Icing" recipe for you. It is great!

    Have fun decorating. I'm going to have to pass this year.

  2. Anonymous7:03 PM

    LOVE your mailbox!! Have fun making cookies! I just LOVE the 4th too with all the family time, decorating, fireworks, and eating!!

  3. I'm so impressed with you!! I haven't pulled out anything for the fourth...guess I should get busy!!

  4. Anonymous9:09 PM

    The mailbox is so cute and the Lifesaver Firecrackers turned out fabulous!!!

  5. Look at you with all the decorating! Very cute! Love the mailbox..I think I may steal that idea!

  6. Cute! I love both ideas! I bought some flags to put outside but have yet to get them out there. I better get busy with that!

    The lifesavers would be so great for any kind of little treat. I will have to give that a try!

  7. Now you've got me feelin all patriotic...yay for the 4th!

  8. those are super cute and I live your mailbox decor!

  9. I love, love those firecrackers. So cute. I need some 4th of July decorations and I went looking for clearance sales today and NOTHING. I guess I'll have to make some.