Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vacation Bible School

I never got to go to Vacation Bible School (VBS) when I was growing up because my parents always worked. Even though our church had a bus ministry, there wasn’t anyone to keep my brother and me in the afternoon, so we were stuck at daycare. A daycare that didn’t participate in letting the kids attend local VBS’s.

I remember being so jealous that my cousin got to attend VBS every summer with my grandparents at their small church in another town. To this day, every time I see that bird magnet he made one year on my grandmother’s refrigerator, I think about how unfair that was! I’ve known kids that make it a game to see how many VBS camps they can attend in one summer!

So with B keeping Alise this summer, I was so excited about the fact that she would get to attend VBS at our church, my parents’ church, and maybe another Methodist church with her friend, Emma.

Wrong. Ugh!

Well, okay. She gets to go to the Methodist church VBS, but not to any of the Baptist churches! Why? I think all the Baptist churches got together and opted to boycott all the kids that were younger than those entering kindegarden in the fall! That’s what I think!

Alise is simply too young.

So…I did what I always do when I feel that my precious daughter has been slighted…and when I am too stupid to just let go and enjoy the age that she is now because one day she will be sixteen and I will think, “Why in the world did I rush things so?”….I retaliated!!

I took matters into my own hand.

I started thinking.

If I’m paying B to keep Alise, then maybe B would be willing to help at our church’s VBS and that way Alise could go (Since she is technically too young to attend, you must “work” the Bible school in order for your children to go. And please understand that I am not against that rule. It’s just that I have a full time job and I can not help.). I mean, I’m paying B, aren’t I? I would be paying her whether she helped at VBS or was sitting on the couch during that time, right? So….

Next, I called our church and spoke to our Assistant Children’s Minister. I asked if it would be okay if my babysitter worked in my place for the week so Alise could attend. She said that would be fine and began telling me who the teacher was and which of Alise’s church friends would be in her class. I was SO excited and I just know that Alise is going to LOVE it! So….

Then, I called B to see if she would even be the slightest bit interested in helping. She wouldn’t have to actually teach; just be in Alise’s class as a “helper.” She was game, so it looks like Baby Girl will get to attend Bible School at our own church.

And who says I can't make things happen?



  1. I'll have to get the dates for our VBS, but she'll be old enough for it's in June, but I'll let you know for sure if you're interested. I *might* be working it, not sure..that whole getting up at 7am and working until 10:30pm would kinda make for a tiring week!!

  2. excellent quick thinking! Our VBS is at night here. I was planning on Sofia going but she will still be in TX.

  3. I have very fond memories of my years as a kid in the Baptist :P VBS. It was so much fun.

    So happy to hear things worked out. I'm sure they'll both enjoy it.

  4. Come on up to our church in PA! ;) Alise is a great age and we had nearly 500 kids enroll in VBS last summer!

  5. That is great that it all worked out. VBS is so fun and the kids learn so much. Where I live, the local churches want that age group to attend. So I thought it was odd when you said in your area they think she is too young. Good for you for calling and setting everything up.

  6. What age do they have to be to go? I'm glad that you found a way "around" it though. You're the woman! :)

  7. That is so funny b/c we are baptist and I am having to work at our church this year so Noah can go too! :)

  8. pwolfanger@rochester.rr.com10:24 PM

    I am the Director of our VBS this year. We have a class for 4 year olds and a class for 5 year olds. I wish I could have her at my church.

    ~hippo hugs~

  9. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Yay! Glad that Alise will have such a fun summer filled with friends and wonderful activities! A Nanny, lucky you and lucky Alise :-)