Saturday, May 02, 2009

Swine Flu Precautions

**Updated: Watching the late news right now. Seven cases confirmed in the state of Louisiana.

What precautions are you taking to minimize the risk of your family catching the dreaded "Swine Flu"? Are you encouraging good hand hygiene with your kiddos? Are you using antiseptic hand gels? Are you even worried about the "Swine Flu"? Are you avoiding crowds and favorite spots?

I don't consider myself a germ-phob, but I did pass out hand wipes yesterday at Alise's party before we celebrated with cake and ice cream and got a good laugh with some of the parents. But I was concerned enough to at least do my part with the spreading of germs and reduce the risk of those sweet friends catching anything so awful.

Lately, I've noticed that Alise's sweet, little hands like to sweat. She loves to hold my hand and I love to hold hers, too, but I don't like clammy hands. Clammy hands just feel dirty to me. But sweaty hands or not, I still love to hold her hand. I've also noticed that in gymnastics, she rubs her hands on her gymnastics outfit before she does anything on the bars. When I asked her about it, she said, "I don't want my hands to slip on the bars." Smart girl.

I work in a hospital. I didn't even know what "Swine Flu" was until last Monday when my email began being inundated with memos from our infection control department about the sheer importance of hand washing - and not just after going to the restroom. Signs and posters are popping up all over the hospital to promote hand hygiene. I've noticed more people using the antiseptic gel dispenser in the cafeteria before reaching for a tray. Did you know that the worst place for germs to hide is on door handles and shopping carts?

Alise's school sent home a letter last week to parents stating their claim to do what was necessary in order to prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

I've heard a rumor that several cases have been reported in New Orleans, but because Jazz Fest is this weekend, they are withholding the findings from the public.

Last week, all the hand sanitizers were gone at our local Walmart.

I do believe that hand washing is SO important! And other than washing our hands more - and me being personally cognizant of what we touch - we haven't really changed our lifestyle that much. We still go. We still do things. We've just invested in a little more hand sanitizer and antiseptic wipes than we use to.


  1. I really going to take some precautions now there are 8 cases in Louisiana now. It starting to make me very nervous.

  2. well we have not really done anything different. hmmm, maybe we should.

  3. I believe as of this morning there are 24 confirmed cases here in CA, some as close as 45 minutes from where we live. Like you, I think hand washing is key but we've always been pretty vigilant about that. I always bring antibacterial wipes with me when we go out to Target or the grocery store to wipe down the handles of the carts, I carry the gel with me in every diaper bag....I'm a germ-a-phobe anyway so all this is standard practice for me.

    While we aren't going overboard with precautions like some others are, we are avoiding busy public places, like the indoor mall play area and I'm supposed to go to a playgroup at a school tomorrow with Garrett and Landon and I'm not sure yet if I'll take them or not.

  4. We have 11 confirmed cases, all mild, within a few miles from my girls' school. The cases surfaced at the Univ. of Delaware (spring break trip, I guess?). Anyway, I am using the same precautions I typically do in a regular old winter flu season. I just can't get hyped...this will go on for a number of months and then before you know it, winter flu will strike in the fall. I just think it plain stinks we don't have some kind of protection in the form of a vaccine...I COMPLETELY understand why we don't, but just not happy about that. And by the time we have a vaccine around, the flu will be a new beast, new strain.

    I had the kids at May Fair yesterday, and I was really worried since it was held inside due to the rain. A couple thousand people confined inside a school with 100% humidity. If we didn't contract some kind of goop, I will be amazed.

    With kids in school, a husband working in 4 hospitals...I just can't bury myself in a hole and be consumed by worry. Handwashing, wipes, being careful if you are sick or if being around others who are sick--the usual precautions here. I spoke with a couple of pediatricians while my daughter was at dance yesterday. They just said to use the usual flu precautions. And if you get it, care for yourself like the usual flu. Not the most reassuring thing, I know.

    It is worrisome, I will agree. :(

  5. I stayed away from Gymboree last week...Everyday when we come back home I make the shildren take off their shoes and wash there hands. I have always done this though.

  6. Im trying not to get to stressed about it. We have a few cases in Columbus. I have found myself giving them hand sanitizer a little more then normal

  7. Infectious Disease at SJ is working overtime too to get the word out! We are sanitizer crazy at my house!