Sunday, May 31, 2009

Parade of Princesses

I thought it would be neat to share all the pictures of Alise and her princess friends! You'll notice from the pics below that we frequented the princesses alot while in Disney!

Our first day at Disney. Meeting Princess Aurora at Mickey's Toon Town at Magic Kingdom.
I love this pic of my favorite Princess with my daughter. After Wayne took this picture, he turned to me and asked, "Do you want me to take one of the three of ya'll together?" Isn't that just like my man to remember? Anyway, I didn't do it. Wish I had.

After this first meeting with Belle, Alise became Belle-crazy! So much so that she decided to wear her Belle princess dress for her date at the Bippity Boppity Boutique.

Day two. Alise's Birthday. This was before Alise's lunch at Cinderella's Royal Table. Alise lived up to her word that she would wear her Mermaid costume to Cinderella's Castle.

I could not have asked for a more perfect birthday "party" for my Baby Girl! We reminded the manager at Cinderella's Royal Table that it was Alise's birthday! Would you believe that every single one of the princesses began their visiting at the tables at OUR table? And each one started out by saying, "Happy Birthday, little Princess!" It certainly made our day to get a little more "special" attention. Each Princess was amazing and Alise was so excited that she didn't eat lunch. Oh, and we had to change clothes as soon as we got to the restaurant. Alise refused to wear her costume for lunch. She said it "itched."

Visit with Aurora #2!

Alise and Jasmine.

Another visit with Belle in the blue dress.

And yet ANOTHER visit with Belle in her yellow dress! This visit was at the dinner party with the Princesses at Epcot on day three.

Aurora again.

Cinderella again.

Snow White again! She was so wonderful! She noticed that she had "already signed Alise's book" and made it out that she was the same Snow White. She asked Alise, "So what have you been doing since I last saw you?" I thought that was nice.

And finally! It happened! Alise came face-to-face with her favorite Princess of all! Poor thing! She was SO patient but kept asking when she would be able to see Ariel. This was at the dinner at Epcot. I wish I had a picture of Alise's face! I was actually coming back from the buffet when I saw Ariel come out of the "character door." I was so excited that I could barely contain myself, too, but I managed to spit out to Alise who I had just seen. Her eyes lit up and she started jumping up and down! This Ariel was wonderful! Again, we told the manager and the "handler" that we absolutely, positively HAD to see Ariel and that it was Alise's birthday. Ariel went out of her way to make Alise feel oh-so special!

So special that when Alise and her Daddy went to the dessert buffet, Ariel was standing nearby. She asked Alise, "Can I give you a kiss?" Wayne said that Alise just looked up at her and stared. Ariel gave her a kiss and Wayne told her, "My wife is going to be so mad because she's got the camera." He said Ariel giggled. When they came back to the table, Alise asked me if she had to wash her face that night! I was confused until she explained the lipstick on her cheek. How could I resist that?! Ariel came back by our table again and chatted before she left that night. It was wonderful!!

And this is MY little Mermaid! Complete with a wig bought at Epcot.

And here is Alise with her idol again at her grotto at Magic Kingdom. I think Alise looks more like Peppy Longstockings than a mermaid! She insisted on wearing the costume over her pink and white striped sundress!

And, of course, our vacation would not be complete without a family portrait with Ariel! It was definitly one of the highlights of our trip! Getting to share in the magic of Alise getting to meet her favorite Princess was all this Princess-loving Momma needed!

P.S. I got most of the Princess visits on my Flip video camera. I will try to make a movie and publish it later in the week so you can catch her expressions!



  1. I think Alise is the most gorgeous Princess of all!!

  2. such great memories...can't wait to see the flip video!

    isn't disney amazing? esp the princesses...they went above and beyond with lily. ariel is her favorite too!!

  3. Wow...such beautiful pictures. Alise is sooo precious.

    When you've recovered, drop by my blog and grab an award here:

  4. You took great pictures! She will remember that forever. I am so glad she got to go to Disney and see all of the princesses. My little one would have been beside herself.

  5. Love the pics!!! So she did not notice any difference in the princesses? Ariel is my favorite too!!

  6. are making me want to have a little girl! Beautiful pictures!

  7. I am tearing up! I am so pleased that she had such a sweet time! The photo with Ariel is priceless! I know that you were filled to the brim of your heart as you watched your sweet daughter in the most magical place on earth!

  8. I can not think of a better way to spend a 4th birthday. Awesome pictures:)

  9. By the way, I also tagged you on my blog!

  10. What wonderful photos! Alise is so blessed to have such wonderful parents who love her so much!!

    Would you want to be a Princess at a Disney theme park? Look at all of that crushed velvet they have to wear!

  11. So cute! I love all the pictures! What a special time for Alise!

  12. What precious pictures and amazing family memories!! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful, magical time!! You all will remember it forever!!

  13. How pretty is the girl playing Ariel? Wow! That picture of you and Alise head to head is precious!