Monday, May 04, 2009

Monday Musings

Someone PLEASE remove the leftover birthday cake from my fridge! I think I've eaten so much cake this weekend that I am bleeding chocolate fudge cake and ice cream (the strawberry cream cheese layer was totally gone at the party).

Which reminds me...thank you to everyone that left such sweet comments regarding how much weight I've lost. To be honest, I'm still loosing. Crazy, isn't it? I met my goal last month and I've really been trying hard to just maintain. But I've lost two more pounds....two pounds away from pre-baby weight. Unbelievable! I can't believe it. I've lost a total of 18 pounds!

Some of you also commented on the little "hummer" in the birthday video. That was Alise's best friend, Allie. I laugh every time I watch the video and hear her. I had no idea she was "humming" - rather loudly - while we were singing, but that is SO Allie. You also commented on my southern accent. That makes me smile. What can I say? I've told you I'm a Southern Belle!!

Wayne saved us $73 on our flights this weekend to Disney plus we now have a direct flight home instead of a layover in Houston! My man is the greatest!! For some reason, he decided to check Southwest on the internet and discovered that there was now a direct flight home and our flights had decreased!! How awesome is that? Unfortunately, I wasn't able to apply the difference to my New York trip, but we have until February 2010 to use the discounted dollars. Great news!

I almost feel guilty for the sense of freedom I have now that Alise's party is over. I think I have yet to crash. However, I do feel "free" to begin planning and getting ready for Disney!! I can't tell you how excited I am about that! Look, we watched the Disney video that comes with the planning package yesterday and I nearly cried when I saw little girls running up and hugging Cinderella! I hope I don't cry the entire time we're there! Alise is getting more excited by the day!

Wayne and I went to see "Ghosts From Girlfriends Past" on Saturday afternoon. And, yes, let me say that my man Matthew looked totally awesome! I don't think he's ever looked better!! However....and it's a BIG however, I hated the "light" this film put him in. The beginning was very raunchy, but the ending was very good. I would wait until it comes out on video and I really think that it should have been rated R instead of PG-13 for all the sexual innuendo.

It's official!! Leigh and I really ARE headed to New York in July! My boss signed off on my PTO request just last week! Woo-hoo! By the way, Leigh says that there will be no dieting in NY! I'm okay with that.

I'm considering taking Alise to "Tiaras & Tea Princess Tea Party" with Miss University of Louisiana Monroe 2009 on Saturday. The tickets are pretty steep - $25 - but I think it would be a great way to celebrate Mother's Day Weekend! Proceeds will benefit the Children's Miracle Network.

Speaking of Mother's Day, did you notice all the daily craft events that your local Michael's craft store is offering this week? Check it out!

I'm all in a tizzy over trying to find a part time babysitter for this summer. I want to find someone that can do things with Alise like take her to art days at the museum, library, zoo...things like that one or two days a week so daycare wouldn't be such a "burden" for the other three days of the week. I would have never thought that it would be so hard to find somebody!


  1. I really want to see that movie...I love Jennifer Garner and I LOVE Mr. McCoughna-hey!

    Thanks for sharing the tip about Michaels.

  2. Too bad I'm an "adult" now and can't keep her :( that'd be fun too :(

  3. Aww man, I have you a form for the Tiara thing!! Ashley was doing my hair Friday and Miss ULM's mom came in. She was passing out the registration forms, so I got you one! If you register early the t-shirt is free. I think Ashley is taking E to the afternoon one. Let me know if you want the form... She made it sound really really fun. I think you should do it!!

  4. My Internet is back up. I didn't tell you all about the china. I should have said Lenox Mansfield. Sorry about that. So awesome about your upcoming trips. It will be great and so much fun to look forward to.

  5. Good luck finding a sitter for the summer, that really is a difficult job.

    Yipee for saving money!!

  6. I keep telling you, move closer and I'll take of Alise this summer. LOL.

    This was a fun and informative post. I'm so very impressed with your weight loss. I lost 20 last year, gained six back and am now on a serious Weight Watchers. My goal is another 20. Wish me luck.
    You, btw, look great.

    ~hippo hugs~

  7. Way to go on your weight loss! I was down 25, and now I'm only down 20....ugghhh! I need to get back on the plan soon (never mind the huge bakery cookie I just ate).

    I saw "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" over the weekend as well. I would agree with your recommendation to wait until it comes out on was cute and all, but would be just a fine on DVD.

  8. The party looked so fun! I can't wait to hear about your trip to Disney, too! Matthew M--yum.

  9. Yay for New York! That will be so much fun - and yeah, I don't think you need to be dieting there. :)

    Have you looked into taking Alise to the Bippidy Bobbidy Boutique at Disney World? Oh, my word, she would LOVE IT.