Thursday, May 07, 2009

I'm Not Your Homey!

Yep! Out of the mouth of babes!

My daughter called me a “Homey” this morning!

And for the life of me, I was so shocked by her outburst that I don’t even remember how it happened! All I remember is that she was sitting on the side of our bed, I was putting her socks on, and then Alise said something under her breath, looked at me and said, “Homey!”

Whell!! This southern-belle-wooden-spoon-packin’ moma nipped that in the bud REAL quick! I told her that she doesn’t talk to me like that! “I am your mother, “I reminder her, “and we don’t say words like, “Homey!”

Baby Girl is like her mother in a lot of ways, but saying, “Homey,” isn’t one of them. However, some days she prefers to wear her heart on her sleeve. Having said that, her bottom lip poked out and began to quiver and I could see the tears welling. I thought, “I do not need a meltdown this morning!” So, I gave her a hug, wiped away her tears and gave her a kiss on the cheek. It was enough this morning (thank goodness!). She apologized and off to school we went.

Alise is having a very hard time dealing with the fact that she’s not yet four. She thinks because she had her party this past weekend that she is – in all respects – the big four. After all, she had a “four” candle on her cake (As a matter of fact, this wasn’t on the video, but she demanded that I go get the candle and put it on her cake. All I had on her cake before we shot the video were the four pink candles). I think she thinks that I am really trying to confuse her, but I want her to understand that her “real” birthday will be when we go to Disney. She gets so upset about it. I’m talking tears and hollering back at me, “I am, too, four!!” So when she asks me now, I just agree with her, “YES! Alise! You are four!” It makes her happy because now she is the same age as Allie, her best friend. What evah!

Someone send for the police!! The birthday cake is missing! Ha! Well, that’s because I’ve been grazing on it all week!! I felt so guilty for eating a piece Monday night that I actually went and walked around our neighborhood for thirty minutes – and it wasn’t even my usual day to walk!! That is pure guilt, let me tell ya! So, yeah! I’ve had a piece every night since Saturday. And last night, look what went out with the rest of the leftover birthday trash…..
Yep! That's the cake box on top of the purple bag. Someone’s gonna hafta roll me to the curb tomorrow when I jump on the scales and see all that cake has gone straight back to my hips!



  1. I will do the same thing...just agree with them and avoid the fight:)

  2. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Maybe she has been watching In Living Color re-runs at School, remember Homey The Clown.

  3. Where did she hear homey? Good for you for setting her straight. I can't stand the way some kids talk to their parents these days!

    PS -- the photo was taken on Easter 2006, so I was 20. I wish it were because I was losing weight!

  4. That's one I haven't heard. yet. And Amen on the wooden spoons. Mine are Pampered Chef bamboo spoons!!

  5. Cakes are the BEST thing to eat on all week long. (In fact, I sure could use one right now!)

    Kids will say ANYthing, I've learned that over the years. :-)

  6. I practically devoured all the leftover cake from the last b-day party we had. My love of b-day cake is frightening at times!! I could seriously eat a whole cake by myself.

    Be sure to stop by my blog and check out the super fun art contest/giveaway I'm hosting, with 2 other bloggers. I think your daughter would have a good time making some art to share on the contest!

  7. Wow, Homey that is s strange one to come up with. You should have told her " Homey don't play that" and then got the wooden spoon!

  8. Anonymous11:41 PM

    That homey story is too funny, Laura!! You have such will power to throw that cake away. I'm a birthday cake fanatic and could never have the strength to do that,lol!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  9. Homey? OH, no. Too funny.