Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Disney Plans

Back in December when we were making our Disney resort reservations, it was too soon to schedule appointments for the Bippity Boppity Bootique. You can only begin scheduling appointments 90 days in advance. So imagine my surprise when – 85 days in advance – I was told that there were no openings on Alise’s birthday at the boutique (So when Disney says “90 days in advance,” they truly mean the 90th day!). I was SO disappointed that Baby Girl wasn’t going to get the chance to be all phoo-phoo’ed up for her big birthday celebration with Cinderella! Instead, we had to op for the day after her birthday.

Today, I called to make reservations for the “Aloha Luau” at the Polynesian resort (If any of you have had that dining pleasure, please leave me a comment about it! I would love to know!) but there was absolutely no availability for our entire stay in Disney.

So, while I had the Disney operator on the line, I decided to see if maybe someone had cancelled for the boutique and we could change our time. I was in luck!! We were able to move Alise’s appointment up to the actual day of her birthday!! Still not before our lunch with Cinderella, but closer! I was so excited!

I plan to continue calling Disney to see if I can have even more luck of moving her appointment to a reasonable time and scoring tickets to the luau, too. I’m afraid my cell phone bill is going to be outrageous this month!

This past Friday night, when B was over, Alise pulled out all her princess outfits to show her. I’m afraid that all the money I spent on nice sun dresses and summer outfits to carry on our vacation will go down the drain. Alise informed me Friday night that she was carrying ALL her princess dresses in her princess suitcase so that she could wear them while she is there. Ugh! That’s not really what I had in mind, but I’m not going to stress about it. This trip is her birthday present and so I’m going to let her wear whatever she wants to wear (within reason, of course). I’m still packing the “good clothes.” Ha! I’ll be showing you her Disney “trouseau” in a few days! I plan to start packing this weekend! We leave in less than two weeks!! I can't wait!!

Speaking of packing, Wayne is really insisting that I bring the laptop. He likes to remind me that I only have an hours worth of film time on my Flip video camera and that I will need to download the video and clear it each night. Hmm…I really wasn’t planning on waggin’ that laptop around! We’ll see…now, if I had a cute little Vera Bradley laptop carrying case to haul it to Florida in, I might consider it {hint, hint}! Anyway, just remember that even if I don’t take the laptop, you can always catch up with me and what we’re doing! Just follow me on Twitter! I'm a "tweetering" fool!



  1. You are a tweeting fool! Don't worry about her wearing her princess dresses, she will fit right in with all the other little girls! Did you try breakfast at Cinderella's Castle. If you can't get a table for 3, try a table for 2. Sass & I did that & the others met us after. And the food was the best ever!

  2. Oh she'll look cute walking around in her princess attire. Another friend and bloggy pal just posted about the "princess" boutique experience. She had pictures of her daughter going through the experience. It was so cute. I'm sure Alise will LOVE it!

  3. How exciting. I'm living my Disney dreams through everyone else. Seems everyone is going. Hoping to go before I have grandkids :P.

    Can't wait to hear about all the fun details.

  4. Just wanted to say I would take the laptop as well - the amount of pics and videos will fill your cameras SO FAST!

  5. You are gonna have SO much fun!!!!

    We take our laptops on every trip we take. Gotta download the tons of pictures we take everyday!! :-)

  6. I have done the aloha luau....it is nice but I really think all of them are really good (from what I have heard) we are doing Chef Mickey this time around in Sept and I hear good things about that also

  7. I am so excited for you guys and your awesome vacation! I know you will have an amazing time! Can't wait to hear all about it. I would take your laptop...I know it is a pain lugging around, but that way you can download all of your pics. My friend lost her camera on her honeymoon so they have nothing to show for all the fun they had.

  8. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Ok- I can't wait to see Alise's Disney wardrobe!!!! I'll be on holiday myself for the next week, but might have to pop in to check for that!

    My advice would be to keep calling trying to change your reservations even once you are there. We were able to switch a couple of reservations around like the day before...

    So excited for your girl!!! We haven't done the luau, but have had breakfast at Ohana's with Lilo and Stitch and it was one of our favorites. Where are you staying?

  9. Wish we were closer, I have a really nice VB carrier for my laptop that you could borrow. I'm so addicted that I take my laptop almost everywhere. I'm leaving it home this weekend when I go to Chicago as I'll just need to check my email and I can do that on Paige's computer.

    What a riot that Alise wants to take all her princess dresses. But, honey, when you are the mother of a princess (as I am) you need to roll with those royal wishes.

    I am so looking forward to lots and lots of Disney pictures from your trip. She is just the right age for all the fun.

    Keep bugging them about reservations. You never know what might pop up.

    ~hippo hugs~

  10. She is going to love her birthday! Disney is so fun. I want to go again. :) I can't wait for all of the photos!

  11. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Woot! Congrats on getting Alise's appointment moved up to her birthday day!! You will have a wonderful time and looking forward to seeing pictures/video! She's going to look adorable in her princess dresses!