Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dance Rehearsal #2 (Dress)

You laughed at my “come-to-Jesus” expression on Tuesday, but oh, how it worked!!

Baby Girl DANCED today!!

AND she cheesed big time for her dance pictures!!

But not before I was ready to ring her neck over the lipstick issue!! I asked her to hold a tube of lipstick while I dug around in my purse for some lip gloss and within two seconds, she had smeared lipstick all over her face. Thus, a trip to the nearby bathroom and yet ANOTHER come-to-Jesus “talk” took place. This all happened in the picture line.

But all in all, I am very proud of my little ballerina! Now, I think we’re ready for RECITAL!!! Yeah!!

Here's the video of the last part of "Butterfly Kisses." I think Alise liked to sing better than she danced! Ha!

Throwing a kiss to the crowd. I love this picture of Alise with her Big Sis! So sweet!

Backstage with Alise and her Big Sis after their dance.

I thought this was the sweetest scene! The girls were checking out a dancer's new baby sister in the picture line.

Do I look haggered or what? I was worn out! Don't ask me what Alise was doing! Check out those lips! Her lip stick was brighter than mine!!

Thanks to B for helping me video and snap pictures today!



  1. super sweet! She did great! You look awesome!!!

  2. I want to cry! She is such a big girl now. *sigh* She is so delightful! And you looked beautiful, silly lady!

  3. That is the sweetest thing! You girls look beautiful together. I hope you have a great weekend. I hope the recital is wonderful.

  4. P R E C I O U S! I have tears, girl! She just looks like cotton candy in that tutu! So sweet!

  5. Love it! BG starts dance this summer.

    Come to Jesus meetings can be very effective.

  6. Best wishes with the upcoming recital. And Laura, your face looks so thin in that last picture! You go girl, keep up the good work :)