Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dance Rehearsal #1

Today was Alise's first dance rehearsal for her first dance recital which is scheduled for this Saturday. Needless to say, we are up to our eyeballs in all the recital hoopla this week!

My mom graciously helped out today so that I wouldn't have to take a personal day from work. I met Alise and my mom at the Civic Center for the two hour rehearsal practice (the Civic Center is only a block from where I work) this morning, and let me just tell ya, it was crazy!! But I am so glad that we decided to change our Disney plans so that we wouldn't miss this special time in our little girl's world!

However..... Dance rehearsal was very s-l-o-w! I bet mom and I had to sit through about twenty dances before we even saw Alise and her class!

Then. It happened.

I made the mistake of getting up from where we were sitting to get closer to the stage so I could video with my Flip. The arena was dark, but Alise saw me. She started hollering, “Moma! Moma!” I gave her a slight wave (because we weren’t suppose to wave…strict instructions from Ms. L herself), pointed to Ms. Anna so that she would pay attention and just really tried my best to “ignore” her the rest of the time, just oh-so hoping she would go on and dance. Nope. Wasn’t going to happen. Alise got in one of her moods and held her teddy bear over her face. I was SO mad at her!!

I sat through the next four performaces texting Wayne that we needed to have a “come-to-Jesus-meeting” with our daughter before Thursday’s dress rehearsal.

Her class came back out again (much quicker than before) to perform their ballet routine to “Butterfly Kisses” and I stayed in my seat next to mom to video. When Alise came out on stage, I could tell she was looking for me. When she didn’t see me, she must have begun to get upset because Ms. Anna picked her up to hold her and I saw Anna looking in the direction that I had been sitting in for the earlier performance. When she didn’t see me, I raised my hand and waved and I could hear her say from the stage, “Alise! Look! There’s Moma!” She seemed to be okay after that and actually did a better job dancing with her Big Sis. By the time that performance was over, I was crying, mom was crying…the whole freakin’ audience was crying!

Here are a few pics and pieces of our morning rehearsal:

I sure hope I get some smiles on Thursday at rehearsal #2!!


  1. Cute! I would probably be in tears as well. I love Carlisle's "Butterfly Kisses". It brings me to tears just listening to it, I can't imagine watching Katie performing to the music. Wow, Kleenex moment!

    Katie had her dress rehearsal this past Monday. I finally got pictures & video posted on my blog. You'll have to check it out.

    I wished our recitals would allow us to video the BIG night, instead of making us purchase a $30-35 DVD. Our little girls have such a small part compared to the older kids.

  2. Okay that majorly made me tear up too! When I was 16, I gave my Dad the CD of Carlisle's Butterfly Kisses for Father's Day telling him I want to dance with him to this son at my wedding someday. Years and years later, I got did what I said I was going to do and danced with him to this song. I cried more at this dance then I did when I danced with my husband. My Dad (who is a mans man) cried too!

  3. Can't wait to see the videos from the recital!!

  4. I hope her recital goes off great!!! She loves her momma!!! I thought the pictures were cute. I love the one of her holding her bear!!

  5. Mary Ashley and I watched the video, and it was precious! What a sweet idea to have the older girls dance with the younger for that song. I will have to pass that idea on to our dance teacher.

    I know you are looking forward to your recital this weekend! Be sure to check my blog tomorrow for an easy idea I think you and Alise will love. It's so cute and simple, I hope lots of people will try it for their ballet recitals and parties.

    Have fun this weekend!

  6. How cute! I would be crying too!

  7. Pinkie called to me from the stage a few years ago!

    And I agree with you--the DVD things is a RACKET! Ours is $50!!! (Shh, don't tell, but a friend of ours is buying one and we are all burning copies)