Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dance Recital 2009 & Last Post

This will be a short post. It's nearly midnight and Wayne and I are busy packing and getting things ready for Disney. We're actually heading to Jackson, Mississippi sometime tomorrow afternoon to stay at a hotel instead of driving over early Monday morning to make our flight. So this will be my last post until we get to Disney. I will be updating from my blackberry on Twitter if you want to keep up with us until then, but I do plan on updating while we are in Florida.

I don't think I have ever been more proud of my Baby Girl today! She was WONDERFUL during her dance recital today!! She had both me and her daddy in tears! Her classes' ballet performance to "Butterfly Kisses" brought down the house! It was amazing!!
Alise & Emma before the recital.
Giving each other a "good luck" hug. Alise looks like she's strangling her best friend! Emma gave Alise the sweetest recital gift. It was a ballet picture frame with a picture of the two of them together on Field Day at school. I nearly cried.
Alise and her Big Sis, Layla. They danced together during "Butterfly Kisses." Layla really got attached to Alise. Every time I went back stage, she was holding Alise or talking to her and I just loved that! She was the only "Big Sis" that I noticed that did this with any of the little girls. She gave Alise the Golden Book, "Butterfly Kisses" as a recital gift. I wish I had thought about getting Layla something, but I just did not think about it! Layla dances in the competition group with Linda Lavender and she is an awesome dancer!
Big smiles!! This was back stage after the recital.
Alise holding her pink roses from her favorite fan, her Daddy!

Alise and her Daddy!

The Horton Family on Recital Day. Yes, I am dressed in black again. When I was getting dressed this morning, Alise asked me, "Mommie, are you going to wear black again?" Ha!

Me & Baby Girl! Daddy did so good with the pink roses, by the way! They were gorgeous!!And I must say that I'm liking this "tanner" look I've got going on! Ha!

After the recital, we went to Pie Works for a late lunch. The food was wonderful, but Alise didn't eat anything. She was so excited to be going to Nana's to visit Cousin Brooklyn who was in for the long weekend. She and Nana came to her recital.

She was a little wound up and excited at lunch! Here she is on top of the table! What can I say?!
See you in Disney!!!



  1. So happy it went well! YOu look great...did you tan? Have a safe trip tomorrow and can't wait to start hearing about Disney!

  2. She is precious!! Wayne-o did do good with the pink roses!!

    So you didn't tell your BFF about the keeping secrets??!! Skinny and tan...not sure I can go to NYC with you!!

  3. Isn;t it amazing how fast they grow. I bet you have been beaming, I know I would! Alise looks pretty but girl - you look beautiful! You look like you are glowing...Have an amazing trip.

  4. So glad that it all went well. Hope you all have safe travel and enjoy your time at Disney. I cannot wait to see the pictures. :)

  5. The pictures are wonderful! The mother/daughter pictures and father/daughter pictures are just precious. Your family picture is beautiful. Safe travels!

  6. I am so glad everything worked out and you got to the recital. What a gorgeous little dancing queen.

    Have a wonderful trip, and a safe trip.


  7. Of course Alise is too cute, but you, honey, you look GREAT! So skinny & tan! I know ya'll will have a blast at Disney!

  8. I am so glad to hear that the recital went so well! Great pictures! It looks like Alise had a wonderful time.

    Have a blast in Disney. Can't wait to hear all about it! Safe travels to you!

  9. What a cutie-pie! It seems like yesterday when our Grace was in her recital. SO precious.

    Enjoy these moments.

    My first stop by, loved your blog!

  10. Absolutely perfect. Have a wonderful trip. It was worth the postponing, wasn't it?

    ~hippo hugs~

  11. Wow looks like it was a GREAT recital! Have so much fun in Disney!

  12. She looks so beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful, magical time, and I can't wait to see pics!

  13. She is so beautiful and you look amazing!!

    I hope y'all have a wonderful time at Disney!

  14. i'm so glad she did so well...

    i had to laugh about you wearing black! i wear it all the time is a great color isn't it? my hubby always teases me..."don't you already have that in black?"