Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Birthday Party at School

This afternoon, I took pink Mermaid cupcakes that Alise and her Nana made yesterday afternoon to her class for a small birthday party. Most of her classmates were MIA due to it being so near year end. Most of the girls were out because of dance recital practice. Oh, well, she still had a great time with her classmates. They sung “Happy Birthday” to her and I know that made her happy! She was quick to tell her friends that today actually wasn’t her birthday and that she would be celebrating it next week at Disney. Addie turned around and asked me, “Is she really going to Disney for her birthday?” Too funny.

Well, I must have let some of the pink icing go to my head (because of the lack thereof for the past five months) because I decided to take Alise back to the office with me for the next two and a half hours. She wasn’t that bad, but I didn’t get a whole lot accomplished, either. Lots of “wall art,” though! Thank God for highlighters and copy paper!

I must say that I am loving all the dance recital pics that are popping up on everyone’s blog! I’m really enjoying the chance to see everyone’s recital costumes! There are some really cute ones! Here are a few of my favorites: Mirya, Lindsey, Pink, Green & Southern, and Melissa.

Everyone has said that they can’t wait to see Alise’s dance recital pictures and video, but I won’t be able to take pictures or video during the actual recital. It isn’t allowed because the studio wants you to buy the $35 DVD. I’m not planning on buying it, so all my "recital" pictures will be posted tomorrow as "rehearsal #2" pics. Stay tuned! We are ready for dress rehearsal!!
I've been an Etsy buying fool lately! Here is my latest purchase. I picked the zebra pillowcase dress from the monogramm shop this afternoon!



  1. That dress is tooooo cute!

  2. Anonymous3:36 AM

    Cute pics of Alise's party!! :)

    We have a recital coming up next weekend. I got sucked into buying the DVD, too...that will be the only way we can get pics of the event. The dance director said she will have "security" escort any persons using any kind of photography (flash or not) during the show. LOL. Toooooo much.

    Glad to finally be catching up on posts! I missed some great days and pictures.

  3. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Cute dress Laura!! I love the Monogramming!! Crazy about not allowing parents to film during the recital! I've never heard of that but I guess it's a good way to make money!

  4. So the birthday is finally (almost!) fun!

  5. If she doesn't wear her "princess" dresses the whole trip, she could wear the zebra dress to the Animal Kingdom which, by the way, is fab-u-lous.

    ~hippo hugs~

  6. Two more things. #1 I went to J. Jill and used all four of my coupons today. Yummy!
    #2 - I think I still have boxes of recital costumes up in the attic.

    ~hippo hugs~

  7. I love the Zebra printed dress. It is adorable. The pictures with Alise and her friends are really cute. It is funny to listen to them interact with their friends. I get a kick out of listening to MK and her friends, "visit."