Monday, April 27, 2009

Wicked Details

It's WICKED and oh, so scary!!!! I'm not talking Halloween, either!!!

And it's all Leigh's fault!

What started out as mere wishful thinking last Sunday while we were rocking babies during Sunday School has quickly become reality!!

Leigh and I are headed to New York!!!!

Can you believe it?

We are SO excited!!

OMGosh! Two Louisiana Belles headed to the Big Apple!! New York will never be the same!! Ha!

Here's the story: Leigh and I were rocking babies at church when she made the comment, "I wanna go to New York and see WICKED!" Well, I had heard of the play, so I just said, "Well, let's go!" Four days later, we booked our airfare and the rest is history!! We're scheduled to arrive the week after July 4th!

Watch out, New York!! Here we come!!

At this point, we haven't made any other plans. Leigh has actually been to New York before, so she's got a little "experience." I've never been, so this is like a dream come true! The highlight of our trip is WICKED, of course, and we would like to catch another show, too! We plan to do lots of sight seeing! And lots of walking!! We are planning on having three full days to do everything we want to do so it will be a rushed trip, but we don't care! It's New York!!!

But I need your help!!

Thanks so much for everyone who left a comment in regards to the play in my post last week! I can't wait to see it!

For those of you that have visited New York before - or live nearby - I need your help with these questions:

1. What other Play should we see? We're thinking Mama Mia, The Little Mermaid, or Chicago.

2. Any thoughts or comments regarding hotels? We're planning on staying close to Times Square. Is this a good idea?

3. Other than the "normal" sight seeing attractions, what one thing should we absolutely do to make our NY trip complete? What thing should we dare not miss out on?

Thanks for your comments and suggestions! I can't wait to read them!


  1. I think that you should pack me into your suitcase and take me with you.

  2. I am so jealous! I wish I could go on a trip like that...maybe in a few years. I would also LOVE to see Chicago. You guys should make a sign and try to get on The Today Show!

  3. chinatown for purses!!!

  4. you lied to me you stinker! oh well, at least I get to go before you :)

  5. You have GOT to see The Lion King! I only saw it in Memphis, so I can only imagine how much more amazing it would be in NYC, but I was BLOWN AWAY by the set, music, and costumes in this musical. I was sceptical at first, thinking I would be bored since its a "kid's musical" but it was so not just for kids. If you do anything, go see this musical!!

    I haven't been to NYC though, so I can't help you out on anything else!

  6. Anonymous1:50 PM

    A dream come true!!! So exciting, girl! Make sure you put American Girl Store on your list (across from Saks). That is the one place I noticed where the customer haven't heard the word "RECESSION" yet. Crazy spending in there!

    My brother lives in midtown several blocks from Times Square. I will get back to you on some must-do's.


    Shannon (bow chick who is too lazy to log in! HA!)

  7. OH WOW!!!! I am so jealous! I can only suggest The Lion King - AMAZING! I also 2nd the suggestion of American Girl for Alise!

  8. How fun! One of my BFs Pink, Green & Southern is from LA & now lives in CT, so she might have some ideas.

    My MIL has been several times & it's on my things to do before I die list. I need to just plan a trip like ya'll!

  9. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Ooh girl, you are going to have the time of your life!! Make sure to stop by Central Park and get a horse and carriage ride, it's the ultimate!! Also stop by Serendipity for their Famous Frozen Hot Chocolate, it's to die for!!! We stayed on Broadway, I'll try and remember the name of the hotel for you! Times Square is crazy, busy but it's exhilirating!! Try and get a red bus tour(Those double decker buses) The best way to see and hear about New Yawk!!! Fun, fun, fun!

  10. Although staying close to TS is expensive, I would recommend it. The crime in NYC is not what it once was and if you are smart, you will be safe.

    I have seen all those shows and highly recommend Mama Mia. It is such a fun show. My other new favorite was Jersey Boys, though I don't know if it's easy to get tickets.

    I also recommend that you take a bus tour around NYC first and then from there you can see what you want to hone in on.

    Of course, you want to see Radio City, The Empire State Bldg. If possible, go out to Ellis Island. it is worth the time. If you take the ferry, you can go from there to the Statue of Liberty in one trip.

    Walking around is the best idea. The last time we went, we walked from 10 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon. We were there for the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center. I agree with DAnielle, get up early and go over to the Today show. Make sure we know the dates so we can watch for you on TV.

    I love NYC. I could go once a year and still never see all I want to. I am so excited for you.

    Keep us posted with upcoming details.

    ~hippo hugs~

    P.S. If you want go to NYC via Rochester, I'll keep Alise. Not that I'd spoil her or anything.


  11. I'm so excited!! Your blogging friends are the best!! What great ideas!! Do we have to wait until July????????

  12. Sounds so fun!!

  13. I am so excited for you! How fun! I hope you girls have a blast. I would love to see Wicked. I have seen Mama Mia (not on Broadway) and it was really great!

  14. You will have SO much fun!!!

    You must, must, must make sure to visit Magnolia Bakery for the best cupcake every. Seriously, I worked in NYC for several months while pg with T, and I had at least one cupcake every week. Oh so good! Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

    And one of my favorite stores is in NYC - Sabon. It's a luxury bath and body fragrance shop. The stuff smells so good I feel tempted to like my skin after applying it :)

  15. Oh how I lOVE NYC!!! We went 2 years ago.... we stayed in Times Square, at the Double Tree Hotel, very nice. You MUST go to Central Park, take the Double Decker tour bus tour, and eat REAL NYC pizza and a NYC bagel. YUMMMMM There is SO much to do but one thing we did that was fun was go stand outside at the ABC building and meet Diane Sawyer & Robin Roberts live on T.V. I am SO excited for you both! You are going to have a BLAST!!! It's the city that NEVER sleeps!!

  16. You KNOW you have to go to FAO Schwartz and get that baby girl something from the most famous toy store EVAH!

  17. Anonymous1:35 PM

    How exciting!!! I would definately see The Little Mermaid! We saw the Lion King last year and it was so good that we went back the next weekend and saw it again!

  18. HOW EXCITING!!!! Hope you ladies have a BLAST!

  19. LOL and funny I see Cammie posting about Chinatown. That was the first thing I thought of from her recent trip.