Friday, April 24, 2009

Some Day My Prince Will Come

Wednesday morning, I was getting Alise up for school. She was actually sleeping on a pallet of blankets on the floor of our bedroom (long story) and because of all the drama the night before (still a long story) she didn't want to get up.

I leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Alise? Do you know what today is?"

She rolled over and looked at me. "Uh-huh" she said.

"Today is mine and Daddy's anniversary! We've been married for fourteen years! Don't you think that's a long time to be married?"


Ha! Little does she know!

I continue my story: "Well, it's been fourteen years since Mommie put on her Cinderella dress and married her Prince! Daddy is my Prince!"

Her lips poked out into that serious pouty face that I know so well and she said, "I'm not getting married!"

"Why not, Baby Girl?"

"Because I'm marrying my Daddy!"

"Well, he's married to me! How can Daddy marry you if he's already married to me?! One day your Prince will come."

"I don't want a Prince. I want my Daddy!"

End of conversation.

Yeah, we'll see how she feels about THAT in about thirteen years!

Future-Cinderella-who-wants-to-marry-her-daddy was picked up by her Nana this afternoon at school. It was the only way I could get her out the house to go to "Mask" (aka "Mass"). She wigs out on me every Friday morning when she remembers she has to go to "Mask" at school. A true Catholic she is not! Anyway, she has gone to visit her Great-Grandmother with her Nana & Papaw for the evening. Future-Cinderella is SUCH a better great-granddaughter than her Prince-loving-granddaughter Mommie!

Have a great weekend everyone and don't forget! WICKED details to come!


  1. That is so precious. She says the cutest things. I love this age. Have a fun weekend!

  2. So cute! I remember when we had to explain to Sass that she couldn't marry her Daddy.

  3. Anonymous7:35 AM

    I hope you guys had a great date night!

    My older daughter went through a phase last year about wanting to marry Daddy. This year, Daddy is replaced by Joe Jonas. Yep! Call my answering machine at home because this is what you will hear: "Caroline is not home. If this is Joe Jonas, please call back in 10 years. Thank you."

    It gets scary when 7 years olds start thinking of the Jonas Brothers like that...weird.

    Love it.

    Be risky, and log into my blogsite to say hey! Miss you!

  4. Anonymous12:49 PM

    So cute, I love what comes out of the mouths of babes! I hope you had a wonderful anniversary!

  5. Someday she'll be a beautiful bride, just like her mommie was.

    I'm sooo intrigued by the "wicked" hints.

    ~hippo hugs~

  6. HOW SWEET!!!Priceless.